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2020-08-12 17:55 UTC

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0001447OpenClonkObjectspublic2016-01-20 08:46
Assigned ToMaikel 
PlatformWindows 7 64bitOSOS Version
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Summary0001447: Energy Distribution broken
DescriptionIf you look at the screenshot, the armory and the battery underground got no energy even if the energy radius was reaching below. We had 2 windmills and a power plant for energy, the power plant didn't even start to burn coal (if I recall it only does if more energy is needed).
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Shadow (reporter)

Tested with current snapshot (20151120-c247d6f145-win32-amd64-mingw)


Maikel (developer)

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Were you several players which may have been possible, I can't reproduce this at the moment. A savegame with the snapshot version would be good as well.


Shadow (reporter)

Uploaded another screen, we couldn't build items so that we had to abort. Even building new tool workshops didn't help.


Armin (reporter)

Happened to me, too.

I was able to create a hammer with the workshop. And when I tried to create a pickaxe, the workshop had no energy. Something weird happens in a timer or maybe another energy consuming building joined the circle and even if the new building did nothing, something may changed in a way.


Zapper (developer)

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Maikel, I attached the savegame from my round with ala.

Jump down from the sky island where you spawn and get into the base. Underground you will find a broken compensator and a broken armory. Right from the base you can find a steam engine full with coal which doesn't ever do anything (I think?).

We were two players. We also might have lost/added producers and consumers at arbitrary points.

This is a really urgent bug as it can be game breaking.

PS: ala is "Shadow" right now and the savegame comes from the snapshot he posted above.


Sven2 (developer)

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I added a fix to a power-related script error after the mentioned commit. Does that fix it?

(Unfortunately it looks like my commit was just a few hours after the snapshot you used)

By the way, maybe the power system should re-initialize itself from the basic values (flag radiuses, power production, power consumption and requested power need) on savegame resume?


ala (developer)

No, I don't think that fix helped - we had the same problem yesterday in the Snapshot: 2015-11-21 12:35 , 320b6ecad0


Maikel (developer)

That problem from yesterday seems relatively simple. I have a hard time figuring out what is wrong here. Do you have a savegame from yesterday? Or maybe the details on what you did in this round?


ala (developer)

We started flooded Veins, 2 players (me and mcGreen), you have a base with some starting building - including a windmill, tool workshop, chemical labratory.

-So we build an elevator outside the base.
-We build a flag to connect it to the base, elevator worked.

We tried to build explosives, chemical lab claims to have no energy (which was not true, windmill was turning, elevator could run)
We tried to create a line kit, same as above
I build a completely new toolshoop, same as above

We aborted the round.


In the Zapper round (gemgrabber), again two players we build:
Flag, elevator, windmill, sawmill which worked.
An armory and a battery underground - which didn't work
A battery overground which did work, several more windmills and a power plant to ensure definite power overflow.


Maikel (developer)

I can't reproduce this in a controlled test and somehow the savegames and screenshots are not that useful. Please let me know as soon as it appears again with as many details as possible. Logs, savegames, screenshot of the set-up and which events happened (buildings destroyed, players left, etc.).


Sven2 (developer)

Yes please copy the log file. Usually there's nil pointers that cause scripts to cancel. Also press Ctrl+F5 in the game to enable debug mode, so you can see if there's any script errors.


ala (developer)

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If you still can't reproduce we can play online tomorrow, or even today for a quick check (just starting flooded veins and trying to produce something).

It's a very important bug, since we had a tiny active player base recently!


Maikel (developer)

ala and I have played some test rounds trying to reproduce the bugs described here and failed, everything seems to work.

However, I have found a possible problem when a producer moves out of the energy radius of the base and then moves back in while producing. I will investigate this further.

This bug will remain open, so please report any problem you find.


Maikel (developer)

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Zapper: I have found a bug, where the producer moves out of the energy radius of a base. First of all it will only run out of energy when the next item is taken from the queue. And then it will never get any power as its request is not taken by a network.

I will fix this, however, I'd like to know what the intended behaviour for ownership of the structure should be if it moves outside of a base radius? Should it change to NO_OWNER or stick to its original owner?


Zapper (developer)

It should change to NO_OWNER. At least that's what was intended from the beginning on.

Might well be that we are going to encounter some bugs with that once we have decent base melees where you can actually take over flagpoles. But for now I'd say, it should change the owner.


Maikel (developer)

The found bug has been fixed, I am not sure whether this is also the issue initially described in this report. So please report a new bug or reopen this one if the issue still appears on snapshot.

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