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2019-11-21 00:57 UTC

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0001446OpenClonkObjectspublic2016-01-20 08:45
Assigned ToZapper 
PlatformWindows 7 64bitOSOS Version
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0001446: You can get stuck in material while a building is build
DescriptionIf a building is build, the material around it's base gets flattend, if you stand in a small pit, since the material was not flat you can get stuck, see screenshot.
Additional InformationFound on current snapshot (20151120-c247d6f145-win32-amd64-mingw)
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Sven2 (developer)

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I think it would be best if the clonk would just be able to get out of such situations somehow, because they can also arise e.g. from earthquakes. It also happens when building structures with solid areas like basements.

Maybe during movement, when the clonk is stuck but could get out of material by moving less than 50% shape size in one direction, it is just forced out?

(For a short time we had the roll-bug to take care of that! ;))


ala (developer)

This has been fixed by Zapper, yes? -


Zapper (developer)

Yeah, I think I fixed that. Let's reopen it when it happens again.

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