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2021-09-29 02:21 UTC

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0001434OpenClonkEngine - GUIpublic2017-08-20 11:43
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version8.1
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Target Version9.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0001434: Display certain information in an information overlay
DescriptionHide various distracting information pieces from the player and show it only when a certain button is pressed.
This would be an experimental feature, try to figure out what works nicely.

The information currently always visible that should be hidden:

- Electricity light bulbs on buildings.
It is not always necessary to know how much power a building exactly needs. However, it might always be a good idea to show when a building has no power / has power again. It might not be enough to just stall the building as that can be caused by various things (e.g. not having all the resources needed). Maybe we can come up with a neat idea to show power shortage without using an icon?

- Flag / control radius
Not needed in normal gameplay. However, we might want to turn this on when a building was selected from the construction menu and the preview is positioned. If the new building will have a radius of its own, we could show that as well.

- Building health bars
Maybe only for those buildings that have been damaged.

I quote Sven2 from the related bug:
> Another option would be to have a "highlight information frame", which is shown around the building if you hover your mouse over it. It could display energy bars for allied structures, required materials, current jobs in queue, etc. For clonks it could show the player name and hostility. For crops it could show whether it's harvestable. It could also give a quick hint whether you can press "Space" or "E" to do interactions.

If all these infos are too much, the corresponding key command could toggle between different displays. Like 'general', 'power', 'buildings', ...
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related to 0001365closedMaikel Can't see required construction site materials if construction site is directly over the bottom 

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