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2020-08-14 16:22 UTC

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0001376OpenClonkEnginepublic2017-08-20 11:54
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Summary0001376: Script callbacks on ClearPointers
DescriptionDuring game end, ClearPointers is called on all game objects prior to destruction. Because objects are partially destructed in a non-predictable order, ClearPointers should, if possible, not cause callbacks into script that may perform actions on these half-destructed objects.

However, ClearPointers may cause a Close-callback on gui script menus when some of the GUI-related objects get destroyed. This caused crashes at game end since the controls branch merge.

The preferred method to handle this would be to either close menus as a reaction to object removal in AssignRemoval (if the object has some way to know that it is being used in a menu), or to close menus without any callbacks on ClearPointers.

Any solution to this problem should also regard what happens e.g. when an object is currently burning and removes itself while it is referenced in a menu.
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