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2020-09-25 03:41 UTC

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0001330OpenClonkObjectspublic2017-12-23 11:20
ReporterJack Rost 
Assigned ToZapper 
PlatformOSWindowsOS Version7
Product Version 
Target Version8.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0001330: Burned trees don't fall
DescriptionWhen tree was burned it's no longer static object and you can move it, but this tree don't fall like a normal tree when it's no longer static
Steps To Reproduce1. Blast some tree
2. Extinguish it
3. Move this tree
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Clonkonaut (developer)

That's the regular behaviour of rotatable objects. They tend to stay upright.
That would also be the case with normal trees if those didn't have the special falling down script.

Not sure what to do. Maybe just make another special case with burned trees. They'd just check if movement occurs and if still upright get a slight RDir.


Zapper (developer)

What about just making the trees fall down (with the tree-fall-down-script) when they change their definition? Then you wouldn't even have upright burned trees anymore.


Clonkonaut (developer)

I set this up for v8.0

The solution is obvious: Let trees fall down when being incinerated. However, this will mean that forest fires are even more devastating because the tree instantly covers a bigger area and may inflame more trees.

Ideally, I would cover this by giving the trees a high fire resistance using ContactIncinerate. But I did a few tests and found out that ContactIncinerate does not what I thought it does and is practically unusable.

So, in order to solve this, the fire script needs to be changed.


Zapper (developer)

I have an idea how to change it. But doing that for 8.0 is probably a good idea.


Clonkonaut (developer)

Reminder sent to: Zapper

What about that idea?


Zapper (developer)

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Haha, if I just knew what I had in mind two years ago :)

But this also sounds like something that could introduce potential issues and might have to wait until after the next release?

PS: The bug is still assigned to you - that's probably why I missed it. I set most filters to not show assigned bugs.


Luchs (administrator)

I think trees don't fall down anymore (i.e. stay static) when incinerated, so this is fixed?

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