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2021-09-16 23:46 UTC

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0001315OpenClonkEngine - Graphicspublic2018-01-07 17:26
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Summary0001315: blurry sky with low parallaxity
DescriptionA sky that has no parallaxity (static, doesn't move relative to the landscape) looks very pixelized and blurry. It would be cool, if you could use e.g. sky.4.jpg to scale the sky in these cases.

Although if you'd have a sky.4.jpg and it looked good with no parallaxity, and you'd set it fully parallax, it would become very small. Maybe the sky should always maintain it's size, even when changing distance form the camera?
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cairn (reporter)

Using Windows 8 Pro 64 bit, Windows 64 snapshot

Not sure if this is the same issue. I downloaded the last snapshot

2015-05-17 19:16
(18 hours ago)

And a snapshot before that one.

When reloading a game, the day sky looks darkened. It sort of seems to resemble underground lighting even when above ground.


Maikel (developer)

That would depend on the scenario I suppose?! During night, when the scenario has activated that the sky darkens and the clonks act as sources of lights.

@Pyrit could you upload two minimal examples of scenarios where it happens and where it does not, I don't seem to understand the issue fully.


Pyrit (developer)

Maikel: it basically happens in every scenario. It only gets really noticable when there's stuff in the sky graphics like mountains or clouds with lots of structure.

Try out SetSkyParallax(0, 10, 10, 0) in AcidDrilling: The sky graphics are scaled so big, it's all blurry.

SetSkyParallax(0, 100, 100, 0) will make it look ok.

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