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2020-08-14 17:56 UTC

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0001299OpenClonkEnginepublic2015-04-03 17:49
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Summary0001299: Settlement league games: Prevent full map view
DescriptionSettlement league is a bit about restarting the game over and over until you got a good map for a run. Two simple-to-implement ideas to mitigate the issue:

* Do not allow full map screenshos until e.g. 10 minutes into the game
* Only allow observers to switch between active players, but not into free view

Of course you can circumvent it by building your own modified engine. But then, that allows a lot of cheats anyway so we can't realistically prevent it right now.
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Kaisky (reporter)

Another idea:
Make players loose points when they abort or loose a league game.
Anyway i dont like the current "the more you play the more you get" meta in settlement - you should loose more points on defeat if you are high and gain less on victory, that it depends more on your skill than on your free time and replaying same scenarios over and over again.
you could argue that its ont fair because of game crashes, but the game isnt that unstable and with melee league its the same anyway.


Zapper (developer)

Mhhhh, maybe the losses UNTIL the next win could count?

Then you could still improve:
Say you play the scenario 10 times and always lose. Then you win!
You'll get less points now because you only got it on your 11th try.

But afterwards the losses are reset. So if you win the scenario again directly afterwards with no loss inbetween, you could get the full score.


Sven2 (developer)

Kaisky, you don't get more points for playing a scenario more often in the settlement league. You only get points the first time for each scenario, according to your ranking.

The only way to get more points for a scenario afterwards is to increase your ranking.

For example, in Acid Gold Mine, Maikel is number #1 and gets 500 points. We share rank 2 and get 488 points each. If we played again now and beat Maikel, we each get +12 points and Maikel gets -12 points. We don't get the full 500 again. If we played again and don't set a new record, we get nothing.

Subtracting points for losses does not make sense at all.

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