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2020-08-11 18:42 UTC

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0001257OpenClonkMapepublic2015-09-19 16:01
Assigned ToClonk-Karl 
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Summary0001257: Mape: Cancel rendering stuck in endless loop
DescriptionWhen I'm writing a loop in a map script, I always have to ensure that the code is not a valid, infinite loop while I'm typing it in. Because if it is, the renderer will be stuck in this loop and I need to restart mape.

There should be some way to cancel rendering of the current map. Maybe some kind of event in C4AulExec that can be set by another thread to exit execution with an exception.
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Clonk-Karl (administrator)

Or use the C4AulDebug functionality. As an added benefit, that could also allow stepping through the code as it executes.

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