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2021-12-08 12:02 UTC

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0001131OpenClonkEngine - Controlspublic2017-08-20 11:44
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Summary0001131: Runtime network dialogue shows scenario options
DescriptionThe dialogue you get ingame on F4 shows scenario options as readonly fields. Space is limited in that dialogue so it shouldn't do that.
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Sven2 (developer)

Problem is that we don't currently have any other place to show them during the game. Suggestions?


Zapper (developer)

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F1? Maybe in a real message box below the simple text-on-screen for the help messages?

PS: The "real" place for that would probably be a decent menu on escape, though.


Sven2 (developer)

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I don't know if a menu on escape should be cluttered with the read-only settings. It's only for a quick look-up when you forgot which parameters you had set.

A menu on Escape should be concise and clear. I'd say "Quit game", "Save game" and "Options" as big buttons (like the main menu) centered on the screen. Maybe "Load game" could be there as a shortcut to load a savegame of the played scenario. Even "Join player" sounds like such a pro feature to me that we could hide it elsewhere. The common case of rejoining after you died can be on an observer overlay that you automatically get on the neutral viewport (that observer window actually existed at some point. It was moved into the main menu on F)

Maybe a tab in "Options" could show these settings.

Anyway. If we tie this bug to the "Menu on Escape", we postpone this entry to whenever we do that menu? Having the settings on F4 is not broken at the moment.


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