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2021-09-24 14:58 UTC

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0000011OpenClonkObjectspublic2013-11-06 16:53
Assigned ToIsilkor 
PrioritynormalSeveritytrivialReproducibilityhave not tried
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000011: unsuitable ConfigurationFolder
DescriptionActually openClonk uses ~/.clonk/zoom for the configurqation.

It would be more suitable to use "~/.clonk/openclonk/" or (which is better i think) "~/.openclonk/"
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Isilkor (developer)

I've changed the engine name to OpenClonk, but I'd prefer to keep the config inside ~/.clonk/ somewhere, since it's in principle just a free version of Clonk. Any feedback?


MrBeast (reporter)

Hm.. i've thought about "~/.openclonk" because it shows that it is a new thing and have not much to do with the "old" clonk series.


Ape (reporter)

The new recommendations suggests using the ~/.config/ directory for this kind of configuration files. So I'd vote for ~/.config/openclonk/ . The goal with the usage of ~/.config/ is to keep home folder clean.


Isilkor (developer)

It should rather be stored in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME, if I interpret correctly (though that defaults to ~/.config if the var is unset), while non-config data belongs into $XDG_DATA_HOME (~/.local/share). This seems to be The Right Way™ to do it then.


Newton (administrator)

It's in ~/.clonk/openclonk/, someone changed it but didnt close this report.

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