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2019-11-23 02:24 UTC

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0001079OpenClonkWebsite - Master Serverpublic2016-01-19 05:03
Assigned ToSven2 
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Summary0001079: League: Clan ranking does not work
Additional Information22:35 +Sven2 Luchs: Teamraenge muessen bestimmt nur einmal neu berechnet werden
22:36 Luchs Sven2: vom Cronjob?
22:36 Luchs aber der läuft ja schon täglich
22:36 +Sven2 Hm. Hab den Knopf gedrueckt. Nix passiert.
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Luchs (administrator)

Seems to be some kind of view issue, as the big SQL query shown in the debug output looks fine:


Luchs (administrator)

Fixed for OC in - still needs to be deployed.


Maikel (developer)

I have pushed that change to our (secret) repos. Deployment should be done by someone else.


Maikel (developer)

<Newton> Maikel: no, they are not. Sven2 is the league guys, he updates the league website


Sven2 (developer)

Umn, I don't have my FTP access any more since I didn't take them with me to the US. Will have to ask Newton for the account again.


Clonkonaut (developer)

Removed Target Version since website changes aren't bound to the release.


Sven2 (developer)

Finally deployed the fix. Thanks Luchs!

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