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2019-10-21 22:28 UTC

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0001069OpenClonkEngine - C4Scriptpublic2014-04-22 18:29
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Summary0001069: Convert some player properties to team properties
DescriptionTeam scenarios require many special rules like TeamAccount, TeamBaseMaterial and TeamKnowledge.

I think it's unnecessery complication: Wealth, BaseMaterial and Knowledge should just generally be team properties.

The engine should make sure that every player has a team. The default should be one team per player in melee and one team for everyone in cooperative scenarios.

Callback functions like InitializeTeam and RemoveTeam could be introduced analogous to InitializePlayer and RemovePlayer.

Team melees would also profit from this, because team values like base material and wealth would be stored even if all members of a team have been eliminated and rejoin.
Additional InformationIn case you don't want to share gold with someone in a cooperative scenario (e.g. you're playing with a snobby newbie who wastes the gold), you can just pick a different team.

One could even consider changing the "Owner" property of all objects to the team. However, because owners also control other player-related stuff, it might cause more trouble than it's worth.
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