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0000931OpenClonkObjectspublic2013-03-01 20:082017-10-25 05:52
Assigned ToZapper 
PlatformPCOSWindows 7OS Version64 bit
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Target Version9.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0000931: Buildings shake when being built
DescriptionWhen a building builds itself up, it jiggles up and down.
Steps To ReproduceBuild something
Additional InformationThis occured to me in CR, too.
It may have something to do with the position of the building not being displayed right. Maybe the enngine has difficulties to position half completed buildings right, since they don't have their full size?
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Attached Filespatch c4shape-use-c4real.patch (25,659) 2015-10-29 20:47

2015-10-12 18:56   
There are probably some position errors / rounding things when the shape of an object grows that lead to be graphics being drawn one pixel afar.
I am not sure this is worth the effort to fix. It's a very minor visual thing.

Set the priority to low.
2015-10-29 20:46   
I actually spent some time on this today. The reason is that DoCon adjusts for the bottom-most vertex. But the vertices are not in C4Real coordinates like the object position but in int32_t.

That means that the position does get rounded and thus jumps up and down.

I tried making C4Shape use C4Real for the vertices & shape (which worked). But the values that are loaded from the DefCore are still integers. I might finish that some day when I want to dive into how mkNamingAdapt works, meh.

There might still be some issues then (e.g. with loading old savegames?). No idea.
I'll just attach the work-in-progress patch here so it doesn't get lost. The todo is that the C4Reals in C4Shape actually just contain the raw integers that are read from the DefCore. No idea why, I'd expect that those integers are passed into C4Real::C4Real(int) and then properly converted. But maybe the StdCompiler does some extremely weird stuff or just cannot read C4Real or something from the DefCore format. Idk.
2015-10-29 22:29   
(Last edited: 2015-10-29 22:36)
C4Real aka FIXED is saved as the "raw" (i.e. *65536) integer. That's just how the corresponding CompileFunc works. Of course you can easily work around that by making a mkParAdapt allowing you to load and/or save them in a different format for definitions. For objects they should stay in the current format because if they're saved rounded to int, there will be sync losses e.g. on runtime join.

Concerning the "shaking", I don't think it would be solved by making vertices C4Real. There would still be shaking because they have to be rounded when they're doing the landscape check (either that or DoCon will silently push the bottom vertex into a stuck state).

Anyway, there might be a much simpler solution: Just adjust the object position smoothly such that the bottom vertex is always at the same position. That shouldn't be too hard to calculate at least for un-rotated objects.

2015-10-29 23:32   
(Last edited: 2015-10-29 23:33)
Ah, unfortunately the simple solution does not work because gravity will always kill the smoothly pushed sub-pixel position (the same effect can be observed for vertically moving SolidMasks e.g. on the blimp).

So Zapper's proposed solution (plus sub-pixel movement of the object during construction) seems to be the only way. But when changing something so deeply in the movement code, I fear there may be a lot of possible, unexpected consequences.

2015-10-30 19:56   
I believe we should postpone that to 8.0.

There is probably not much missing from my patch above, but due to the possibility of new bugs we should do it for a fresh release!
2015-10-30 21:16   
Agreed. Pushed to 8.0.
2017-10-24 22:04   

Reminder sent to: Zapper

What about your patch?
2017-10-25 05:52   
The same as just before the release of 7.0:
The patch might introduce new bugs, so we should wait until after the release to apply it - and this time really do it, that's why I assigned it to me :)

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