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0000814OpenClonkObjectspublic2012-10-10 18:012017-12-22 19:55
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Summary0000814: Dig + landscape border = fly
DescriptionWhen you are at the left or right border and dig upwards, the clonk is "flying".
Only works in front of "Tunnel" material. If you get to the "Sky" background, the clonk falls down.
Steps To Reproduce1.Start "Gold rush" (Or any other scenario where you have a shovel and earth)
2.Go to the left/right border of the map
3.Dig straight down
4.If you are a bit deep in the ground, point upwards (and towards the border) with your mouse and dig (so dig upwards)
5.You fly
6.See what happens if you get to the sky.
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related to 0000946closed Clonkonaut Lorries fall out of landscape 
related to 0001652resolved Luchs Climbing on the landscape border 
Attached Filespng Screenshot004.png (107,188) 2013-03-30 14:34

2012-10-10 21:12   
Also works when scaling as long as you leave a one-pixel strip right at the border and start your scale there.
2012-10-11 11:13   
We've decided that this is acceptable behavior and will be extending it to allow you to scale the "closed" part of the landscape border (below the horizon). This is because conceptually, in a map with AutoScanSideOpen, the landscape extends infinitely beyond the borders. Of course you can't change it, because it doesn't really exist, but since it's there in concept you should be able to interact with it as much as possible.
2012-10-13 10:15   
You can now scale the landscape border up to the horizon, starting from revision e95896c3109a.
2013-03-30 14:32   
Reopened due to IRC request.
2013-03-30 14:36   
I feel like while the abbility to climb up borders is intended, the way how it is possible to dig straight up is odd. It is not possible at other places beside the borders. Also, it really looks like the clonk is flying. Digging up at the border should work like at every other location.
2013-03-30 14:47   
The problem here is of course that the Clonk is pushed into the landscape by its BorderBound, so he cannot get close enough to the border for digging to look "normal".

Making it possible to define a maximum border distance would also help fix 0000946 by the way.
2015-12-02 15:00   
Moving this to 8.0 because it is purely cosmetic.

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