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0000705OpenClonkEngine - Networkpublic2012-01-25 00:272017-08-20 11:45
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Summary0000705: Remove chat name option, use player name instead
DescriptionIn the case of a network game without a player, we could use the last used player name. So the config option would remain, but be automatically overwritten with the player name.
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2012-02-08 19:26   
2012-12-27 02:31   
>In the case of a network game without a player, we could use the last used player name.
Or just "empty" or Newbie/Neuling.
BTW if the client info line above the player in the network lobby (which is using the chat name) is away the player icon could be scaled up as much as new space was gained. Player icons are very tiny with high resolutions. And as I said this wouldn't take any space in this case.
2016-01-26 15:45   
What happens when you have two players active?
2016-01-26 19:22   

The client info line contains e.g. the network ping, while that space is used for the league score for players. The client icon shows activation/observer status. The client has a different context menu.

It's not impossible, but would be a lot of merging work for questionable gain. It also makes the GUI inconsistent once we have local multiplayer with gamepads again.

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