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0000675OpenClonkEngine - GUIpublic2011-10-07 18:532015-10-13 14:07
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Summary0000675: Text Formation in the Game Menues
DescriptionWell you see - until CE we had colours, letter types, fat and italic and stuff. And this was used to make the descriptions better readable. Hints could be made gray and stuff.

So I would really appreciate such possibilities again as a players. Scrolling plain text is like, really not what a player should expect from us.
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2011-10-07 18:54   
An additional wish would be to Create sections at the Description window, like: "Description/Hints/Goal/Story" for example. Those files could be displayed in the description window just like tabs in an internet browser.
2011-10-08 09:06   
I like it better if the scenario author doesnt have the possibility to fuck up his scenario description.
2011-10-08 09:34   
What's that attitude?
"In Clonk the players should have full control about everything, EXCEPT the scenario description!"

I mean, everybody can fuck up his scenario in 1000 other ways, you have to trust the developers anyway.

AND: The amount of abuse was very slow in CE-CR and stuff - whereas the amount of people using them was very high, and we liked it a lot.
2011-10-10 09:06   
C4RTF is prepared to handle formatting. It wouldn't be difficult to implement.
2011-10-11 17:14   
We should give scenario authors that freedom. Though in the official releases we really don't want to have some WordArt-fest.
2011-10-11 18:20   
hmm, you have a point there@ala

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