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0000022OpenClonkEnginepublic2009-07-08 20:192013-11-06 16:49
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Summary0000022: Support real-time rendering of 3D models
DescriptionWith most graphics being 3 times as large as in Clonk Rage, this scales the required space for an object's graphics (and especially animation) at least by a factor of 9, probably even more since animations have to be more detailed now to look decent enough. Using 3D models for objects with many animations the graphics size would not depend on the size they are going to show, or at least not as much. It would also allow easy transitions between animations.
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2009-07-08 20:22   
I have working code to load an OGRE 3D model from its XML data, and animate and render it using matrix palette skinning. I am currently working on integrating it into OpenClonk.
2010-01-06 07:59   
Isn't this bug resolved as implemented now that mesh has been merged into default and it works nicely?
2010-01-07 01:34   
Yeah, I suppose.

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