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0002056OpenClonkEnginepublic2019-04-03 10:532019-04-03 11:54
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Summary0002056: Causing lots of explosions simultaneously causes lag from screen shaking
DescriptionSee the benchmarks scenarios: When you explode a lot of objects (100 or so) at the same time there is a huge lag, presumably because the ShakeViewPort function creates a huge offset.
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2019-04-03 11:54   
[09:39:24] Launched 1000 Firestone(s)
[09:39:41] ==============================
[09:39:41] Profiler statistics:
[09:39:41] ==============================
[09:39:41] 05779ms Firestone.Hit2
[09:39:41] 05779ms Global.Explode
[09:39:41] 03125ms Global.DoExplosion
[09:39:41] 02944ms Global.FxIntScheduleCallTimer
[09:39:41] 02547ms Global.ExplosionEffect
[09:39:41] 02358ms Global.CreateLight
[09:39:41] 00426ms Global.BlastObjects
[09:39:41] 00107ms Global.DoShockwave

Light creation makes up a lot of the effort, but limiting the shake strength also reduced the distortion. Being able to see a bit of the landscape (instead of seeing black only) is already an improvement.

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