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0002051OpenClonkEngine - C4Scriptpublic2019-02-01 20:582019-02-01 23:28
Assigned ToLuchs 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version8.1 
Target Version9.0Fixed in Version9.0 
Summary0002051: GetTeamCount returns inconsistent values with surprise random teams
DescriptionThere is disagreement about GetTeamCount() when setting the teams to surprise random. On the host, GetTeamCount() returns 2 (the actual number of teams), but on the clients, it seems to return the number of teams before changing to surprise random (e.g., 3 if there were three players).

This leads to desyncs if the script is doing anything sync-relevant with the team count.
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2019-02-01 23:28   
Fixed in 75d4ac251

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