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0002049OpenClonkEnginepublic2018-12-18 18:202019-03-31 14:35
Assigned ToMarky 
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Summary0002049: Bug or feature? Properties get evaluated in Desc*.txt?
DescriptionIf you write a localized string that contains a property, such as:

local Description="$Description"

and have DescUS.txt:

Description=This is a "".

then the engine tries to evaluate the "" as a property of the object. This results in an engine error:

ERROR: '}' or ',' expected, but found identifier (.../Script.c:<line nr>:<closing ">)

Or is it the "-character that needs to be escaped?
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2018-12-23 08:45   
May have been a misconception!
2019-02-03 19:12   
I think that this was actually an unrelated error and wrong interpretation of the error message by me.
2019-03-31 14:35   
Tried to reproduce by setting the pump Name=this.HitPoints - no errors whatsoever. Probably was a fault on my part when I entered the issue.

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