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0002044OpenClonkObjectspublic2018-08-06 19:402019-03-31 16:52
Assigned ToMarky 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version8.1 
Target Version8.2Fixed in Version9.0 
Summary0002044: Player Start: Cannot add entries to base material
DescriptionClicking the button in the editor just results in "invalid" entries.


The fix is probably to add something like `Default = {count = 1}` to `ItemPlusParameterList` in EditorBase.
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2019-03-31 15:16   
Ok, looked at the basic structure of that thing, and got the following result on a player start object:

-> Player start::Log("%v", this.EditorProps.starting_base_material.Elements)
 = true

Took a look at the ItemPlusParameterList nonetheless, but I really cannot see how it is related to the starting base material. The list is used for the starting material (which is not the same as base material) only. Although it might make sense to use this for the selection method later on.

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