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0002040OpenClonkEngine - GUIpublic2018-04-28 09:122018-04-28 09:12
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PlatformDesktopOSWindows 7OS Version64 bit
Product Version8.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002040: Editor: Action list in Sequence object randomly disables the delete element button
DescriptionWhen selecting an Element in a sequence's action list it sometimes disables the remove element button and sometimes enables it. In my case this happened on a list with two elements (idx 0 and 1). On both elements it randomly enables or disables the remove element button. I cannot see any specific pattern on where I click on the elements nor which one of the two I select.
Steps To Reproduce- Create a sequence object in the editor
- open the action list
- create 2 entries in the list
- select the entries randomly
TagsEditor, GUI
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