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0002038OpenClonkObjectspublic2018-04-27 23:232019-04-29 22:26
Assigned ToClonkonaut 
PlatformGNU G++OSLinuxOS Version 
Product Version8.1 
Target VersionFixed in Versiongit master 
Summary0002038: Fields in German
DescriptionTranslation into English
Steps To Reproduce01) start OC 8.1 > Start Game > Tutorials > SandBox
02) select God's Hand, should be #1
03) Lower Left Field is in German: Ziel: Clonk,Inventar and Ziel: Hand Gottes when click on lower left field,
Hovering tips is in German, Lower Right Field is in German
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2019-04-29 22:26   
From I see, this is fixed in git master.

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