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0002006OpenClonkEnginepublic2018-03-11 15:192018-03-11 15:19
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Summary0002006: Improve MoveTo command
DescriptionThe MoveTo command is not that great. Clonks often get stuck at small corners or holes. Even when drawn flat, rough materials like Rock can completely block movement from commands if the shape is a little bit difficult.
Basically, many little spots where a short climb would be necessary will make a commanded clonk get stuck. This means that even in an easy landscape (no holes dug, no weird landscape loops), a clonk that is controlled with SetComDir(Left/Right) is often more nimble than a MoveTo command.

I have the feeling that little tweaks will do great here. Have the clonk try out more stuff, like climb or jumping. Check if it gets stuck at a certain position for too long and then try other moves than just running.
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