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0002000OpenClonkWebsite - Automated Buildspublic2018-02-14 19:512018-02-17 10:59
Assigned ToSven2 
PlatformDesktopOSWindows 7OS Version64 bit
Product Versiongit master 
Target Versiongit masterFixed in Version 
Summary0002000: Windows Autobuilds are broken
DescriptionWindows autobuilds are having errors since a few commits. Snapshots are out of date due to that.
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2018-02-14 20:04   
stop assigning things to me
2018-02-14 22:26   
Actually, stop assigning things to anyone ever, please. People can assign things themselves and you can notify them if you need.
Being assigned means "Hey, don't touch that bug I am actively working on it".

Also, see
2018-02-15 16:52   
@Zapper, @Isilkor: Then disable the autoassignment for "Website - Automated builds", please. I don't assign anything to anyone when I create a bug report. This happens automatically.
2018-02-16 06:36   
Autobuilds are green now.

I fixed the build by disabling deployqt by default. I think ck just copied the required qt DLLs into the right place so setup generation finds them.
2018-02-17 10:59   
I updated the configuration to no longer auto-assign "automated build" bugs to Isilkor.

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