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0001984OpenClonkObjectspublic2018-01-25 15:222018-03-31 09:13
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Summary0001984: Cable cars: open issues
DescriptionHere is a list of open issues before we can use the cable cars:
* Ensure cable car network is easy to set up by player.
* Test and fix scenario saving.
* Design unit tests and fix arising issues.
* Test system a few times in a real world example (like HorridHighway).
* Ensure straight cables and break when an solid obstacle somehow appears (earthquake, constructed basement).
* Power consumption.

This is stuff that is nice to have:
* Optimal path finding and resource distribution by the cars from and to producers.
* Add a way for clonks to ride in the cable cars (just sit in lorries?).
* Forward interaction menu of vehicle picked up by hoist to the hoist itself.
* Allow to place construction rotated 45 degrees to go across sharp corners.
* Add a way to remove a cable between to crossings.
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2018-01-27 09:34   
(Last edited: 2018-03-31 08:58)
I made some test, most of which involve a removed connection fail, so that needs to be fixed for sure.

Clonkonaut, can you also have a look at and let me know if I can push this to master. It is mostly small hotfixes and improvement to the selection menu for cable car destinations.

Edit: merged and fixed most tests.

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