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0001983OpenClonkObjectspublic2018-01-18 19:592018-03-21 06:40
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Target Version8.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0001983: Arrows do not burn in lava
DescriptionThey really should.
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related to 0002020new  The burned object does not fit well with many of the burnable objects 
Attached Filespatch 0001-Better-burned-graphics-for-arrows.patch (2,338) 2018-01-28 11:56

2018-01-23 08:38   
What should fire arrows and explosive arrows do? Burn to ashes and explode respectively?
2018-01-24 21:36   
Fire arrows shouldn't do anything different from normal arrows. I'm leaning towards explosive arrows exploding, but maybe only after some delay…
2018-01-28 11:54   
Hi! There's been a check-in that references this bug. For more information you can visit the repository browser at this address:

Changeset f39ce4f by Julius Michaelis <>
Make arrows burn (0001983)

2018-01-28 11:56   
Sadly, the burned objects look ugly for arrows. The attached patch makes that somewhat better, but the bow has the same problem, so I don't want to touch that right now.

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