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0001932OpenClonkObjectspublic2017-08-08 17:582017-09-02 00:57
Assigned ToCaesar 
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Product Versiongit master 
Target Version8.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0001932: Goal objects are visible in fullscreen mode
DescriptionIn fullscreen mode, you can see the scenario goals at position 0, 0.
TagsObjects, Script
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2017-08-13 14:40   
Fullscreen mode? I just tried starting a network game (gold rush) with two clients, one with and one without a player. I could not see a goal object.

Do you mean in the editor, or something?
2017-08-27 06:34   
(Last edited: 2017-08-27 06:41)
Okay, so this is caused by the fact that the tutorial goal does not have a 'local Visibility = VIS_Editor;' or similar, like all the other goals.

What I want to know is: why is that not set in Library_Goal? (@Sven2 maybe?) (It definitely does work to set it there. I'm wondering whether anything would break.)

2017-09-01 10:41   
Yes I think it was just overlooked because Goal_Tutorial is not in Objects.ocd.
2017-09-02 00:56   
Hi! There's been a check-in that references this bug. For more information you can visit the repository browser at this address:

Changeset c4cd9dd by Julius Michaelis <>
Set VIS_Editor in Library_Goal to avoid forgetting it in future goals
Fixes 0001932

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