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0001924OpenClonkObjectspublic2017-06-27 20:212017-06-29 06:15
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Summary0001924: Feature Request: Extra slot item graphics as object graphics instead of definition graphics
DescriptionThe symbol in the extra slot is defined by the definition of an object (e.g. Butterfly) instead of its actual graphics. In case of the butterfly, this leads to a white picture, whereas the actual object is colorful.

I created this bug/feature request in order to have a short discussion about it. This could also be solved by giving such objects an owner color, instead of using the actual graphics.

For example, the butterfly being displayed in the extra slot is pretty annoying, because it flaps its wings all the time. Don't ask me how I got a butterfly into an extra slot ;-)
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2017-06-28 11:41   
Just the owner colors would not solve it. E.g. the arrows set their graphics to contain X arrows. If we showed the definition, the number of arrows shown would always be the default one.

So I think showing the object graphic would the the correct solution. If single objects turn out to be annoying, they should set their animation to some idle animation while contained
2017-06-29 06:15   

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