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0001836OpenClonkEngine - C4Scriptpublic2016-10-30 11:352017-08-20 11:58
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Summary0001836: Inconsistent function binding in proplists
DescriptionInside a proplist function, when calling another function in the same proplist, the call is bound statically and does not depend on the value of "this" during runtime. However, references to the function are always resolved at runtime using the current "this" value. Consequently, a call foo() is not equivalent to Call(foo) which is confusing.

There's an example below which illustrates the issue. A real-world example is trying to use ScheduleCall() instead of Call().
Additional Informationstatic const Functions = {
  Fun1 = func() {
    Fun2("direct call"); // always works
    Call(Functions.Fun2, "Call(Function.Fun2)"); // always works
    Call(Fun2, "Call(Fun2)"); // doesn't work, should be equivalent to direct call

    this->Fun2("call on this"); // doesn't work, okay
    Call(this.Fun2, "Call(this.Fun2)"); // doesn't work, okay

  Fun2 = func(string how) {
    Log("Fun2: %s", how);

func Main() {
  Call(Functions.Fun1); // call with different "this"
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