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0001798OpenClonkEngine - C4Scriptpublic2016-07-23 14:552016-08-27 06:04
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Summary0001798: Saving references to dynamic proplists created in Definition()
DescriptionWhen proplists (or arrays?) are assigned in Definition(), they are still dynamic proplists and will be saved as such in savegames. When such a savegame is resumed, the proplist is re-created as a copy and the reference is lost. E.g. consider this object script:

''func Definition(def) { = {}; };
func Initialize() { =; AddTimer(this.Timer); }
func Timer() { Log("%v", ==; }''

This will log "true" in the timer, but will switch to "false" when a savegame is resumed.

This is problematic because editor-made sequences in the new qteditor use this exact same paradigm to store and resume progress in sequences.

My proposed solution would be to iterate over the whole proplist+array tree in all definitions after the Definition() calls, freeze them and assign static names (i.e.: Convert them to static proplists+arrays).
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2016-07-25 03:53   
Note that if this bug is fixed, default value assignment in enum delegates needs to be changed to do a deep copy. It currently relies on Format("%v", foo) creating a non-frozen copy, which would no longer work if proplists created in Definition() were static.

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