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0001790OpenClonkObjectspublic2016-07-16 16:532020-09-12 18:09
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Summary0001790: Getting stuck in the elevator case
DescriptionI managed to get myself stuck in the elevator case quite often, and sometimes could not free myself. In multiplayer someone else can do it, but I actually had to abort some rounds in single player mode, which was frustrating.

Solution: Use the semi-solid mask, which is already used for the elevator case.
Additional InformationThis was once already implemented but changed back, because it breaks the tutorial with the Wipf. The Wipf apparently will fall through the elevator, so apparently the solid mask does only recognize Clonks, but not animals - that should be improved.
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related to 0001810resolved Luchs Skylands: Make wood platforms pass through 
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Jack Rost   
2016-07-17 13:47   
This bug also appear when I play in multiplayer with friends. This is game breaking thing.
2016-07-21 07:18   
The semisolid mask has different issues still which prevents it from being used for moving objects. So we can only implement it when tested properly beforehand.
2016-07-21 07:36   
If I know what to test I can do it. Maybe we can start a forum branch in Caesars old thread?
2016-08-08 11:14   
As far as I am concerned, the new solid masks have general problems due to how materials in Clonk work and aren't universally applicable (no testing needed so far). The elevator is probably the only case were it is okay to have it but a narrow application for just one key (the 'drop through elevator key') is probably a bad idea.
2017-09-12 15:26   
Sometimes I think a general "if (Stuck) { SetPosition(GetX(), GetY()-1); }" in the Clonk's StartScale() would be suitable, it works in this particular case, too. Of course, a few more lines to prevent a "glitch head through ceiling" would be needed then...
2017-10-25 13:28   
This feature depends on whether we ever properly introduce semi-solid masks into the game (which currently do horrible things when used).

I'll postpone this indefinitely.
2020-09-12 18:09   
Seems 2070 is a duplicate of this.

I'm new, sorry for possibly stupid suggestion - why can't clonk always move inside of the cage whenever he grabs the elevator, regardless of starting position? Is hanging outside of the elevator cage of any use aside from coolness factor?

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