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0001779OpenClonkEngine - GUIpublic2016-07-07 13:592017-08-20 12:02
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Summary0001779: "Pings" tab in /chart is empty
DescriptionThe ping tab in /chart is broken again because of

C4Game::Init creates the C4Network2Stats instance and assigns it to pNetworkStatistics:

The constructor of C4Network2Stats calls C4Network2Client::CreateGraphs for each client:

However, C4Network2Client::CreateGraphs cannot add the graph if pNetworkStatistics is not assigned:
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2016-07-07 14:30   
I should explain why I submitted a bug report instead of a patch that simply undoes the change to C4Network2Stats.cpp.

First, calling methods of C4Network2Stats while the instance is still being constructed is probably not a good idea. So maybe adding the ping graph for a client should be deferred, also because ping graphs are currently only added for the clients that were present when the local client joined. If another client joins via runtime join, there is no ping graph for him.

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