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0001732OpenClonkEngine - Controlspublic2016-05-01 15:232017-08-20 11:48
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Summary0001732: remove spec_id argument from PlayerControl
DescriptionThe argument is used to forward a call to a definition. Instead, the engine should make the definition call itself.

That would remove some overhead.

One the same note, the callback ForwardedPlayerControl should then be renamed PlayerControl. But hey, we are not even using that one anyway.
Additional Informationrelated:

required changes:
<Guenther> instead of ::ScriptEngine.GetPropList()->Call(PSF_PlayerControl, &Pars).getBool();
<Guenther> (C4Id2Def(idControlExtraData) ? C4Id2Def(idControlExtraData) : ::ScriptEngine.GetPropList())->Call(PSF_PlayerControl, &Pars).getBool();
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2016-05-01 15:23ZapperNew Issue
2017-08-20 11:48ZapperTarget Version8.0 => 9.0