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0001649OpenClonkScenariospublic2016-01-23 10:312016-01-23 14:46
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Summary0001649: Deep Sea Mining: Mission sometimes doesn't end?
DescriptionSomeone on IRC said that in the release, Deep Sea Mining would play the outro but never actually end the mission after having constructed the communicator.

I was NOT able to reproduce it by just starting the mission and constructing the thing.

We should probably test the mission more frequently than the others, though. I don't think he or she made that up.
Additional Information[11:02:23] <Baaaah> I got all the gems and metal for Deep Sea Mining and after the crystal communicator activated, nothing happened after the guy said "I wonder if someone heard it"
[11:03:40] <Baaaah> and the mission never ended.
[11:05:57] <Zapper> oh..
[11:06:09] <Zapper> I think a short outro should play and then the game should be over...
[11:06:20] <Zapper> That sounds like a bug. You are playing with the 7.0 release I guess?
[11:07:13] <Zapper> You can unlock the next mission for now by going into the scenario selection, hitting Alt+M and entering "S2Sea"
[11:09:52] <Baaaah> 7.0, yes.
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has duplicate 0001747resolved Sven2 Deep Sea Mining: Never ends 
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2016-01-23 14:46   
Yes, the mission is broken. I fixed this bug shortly after the release.

Also, the shortcut is Ctrl+M.

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