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0001579OpenClonkObjectspublic2016-01-11 01:252017-06-20 13:20
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Summary0001579: Show power balance in interaction menu
DescriptionThe interaction menu should show power balance. Need not be prominent; just e.g. one line showing "Producers: {{Green Lightbulb}}*x Consumers: {{Green Lightbulb}}*y".

It could be shown in the flagpole, the compensator, power producers and maybe even consumers.
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2016-01-19 17:26   
How would you sum up both values?

Since we don't have steady producers (Wind Generators), what would you show? Maximum output if wind is +/-100? Or 'average' output with wind +/- 50? Or current output with whatever wind blows?
How do you take into account that scenarios may limit wind?

What do you show for consumers? Buildings currently consuming power? Or the possible situation that all buildings are running at the same time? In theory, producers can have a different power need for different products (see:

What are compensators? Producers or consumers?
2016-01-19 18:34   
I would show current active needed consumption and current possible production. I can take this report actually.
2016-01-19 18:53   
'Possible' production? ;)

That would be all Wind Generators on current wind + all Steam Engines that can(?) run (meaning they have coal ready?) + all compensators charged with whatever they got?

Active needed is, I presume, all buildings that are currently consuming power. What about not fully charged compensators? Are those consuming or producing power? Clearly, they cannot appear on both sides of the equation.

What's the real benefit of seeing this information? You still can't really tell if the next building you switch on will run or not. You can't tell if the currently shown power need is a spike or not (maybe your pal is just using the elevator or ordered an airship or something).
2016-01-19 20:21   
Maybe just current power production and current power consumption(including unfulfilled requests); both excluding compensators.

Display could be in light bulbs: Yellow lightbulbs for min(production, consumption), and to the right of these either green lightbulbs for max(0, production - consumption) or red light bulbs for max(0, consumption - production)

Behind that a text label like "not enough power" or "enough power".

Compensators could get a second line showing their total charge. And an arrow showing whether they currently charge up or down.
2016-01-20 12:31   
It now shows:
current production and total production capacity (excluding storage)
current consumption and total consumption demand (excluding storage)
amount of power stored and total storage capacity

automatic updating when the storage capacity changes is still missing.

Reopen if someone is unhappy.

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