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0001532OpenClonkDocumentationpublic2016-01-03 20:412019-01-27 21:30
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Summary0001532: Wrong function names: *HomebaseMaterial
DescriptionFunctions such as GetHomebaseMaterial do not exist in the engine anymore, but are listed in the documentation. They are now part of the base material library and have the same name, without "Home": GetBaseMaterial, DoBaseMaterial, etc.
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duplicate of 0001275resolved Luchs Documentation does not seem to be up to date for removed functions 
related to 0001749resolved Luchs Online documentation does not clean up deleted functions 
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2016-01-03 22:02   
Are already removed from the repos, this is a matter of old pages not being removed as it seems.
2017-01-12 20:13   
If it is a duplicate, can I close it at least?

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