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0001318OpenClonkGraphicspublic2015-05-18 20:032017-12-23 10:53
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Summary0001318: objects like tree overlap materials
DescriptionTrees overlap materials, that can be really problematic specially while climbing or searching a way through the material.
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Attached Filespng Vegetation versperrt laufwege.png (1,340,956) 2015-05-18 20:03

2015-05-18 21:06   
This problem is almost as old as Clonk itself.

I think it would be really cool if obstructed pieces of the landscape were drawn as a silhouette. Similar to how it's done with obstructed units in Age of Empires here:

I don't know how salient it would be and if it would look any good, but it might be worth a try. An idea would be to do this only in direct vicinity of either the mouse cursor of the current clonk. Or only on a modifier key like Alt.
Jack Rost   
2015-05-19 16:38   
Or maybe make transparent all movable objects.
2015-11-30 12:48   
Probably won't change in 7.0

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