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0001294OpenClonkGraphicspublic2015-03-28 14:372017-10-29 07:11
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Summary0001294: Broken UV Map in Clonks source file & exports
DescriptionThere is an error in the uv map of the normal clonk. Mapping of certain faces goes all over the place, resulting in back artifacts and stretched texture. Unfortunately, in blender uv maps are part of the mesh datablock which also contain the bone weights so I cannot just fix it by importing mesh data from CrazyClonk7.blend. I suspect this needs manual fixing since its rather hard to trace the changes made to the binary file through git (Have a look at the log file, you will see what I mean).

The graphic errors also found its way into the game. If you zoom in with your clonk looking to the right, you'll see some black artifacts in and around his ear.
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2017-10-26 12:55   
How would one go about fixing this?
2017-10-28 16:06   
I fixed the uvs and pushed them into the resource-repo. Now all that's left is that someone exports the mesh again.
2017-10-29 07:11   
(And ideally do that in a script so we don't have to worry each and every time about how to do the export...)

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