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0001241OpenClonkEnginepublic2015-01-15 14:562017-12-11 04:31
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Summary0001241: SDL_mixer: Inaccessible audio device not handled correctly
DescriptionThe SDL_mixer music backend does not handle an inaccessible sound device correctly. Instead of disabling music output, it keeps looping through the playlist, making the game unplayable by unpacking a music file every frame.
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2017-12-11 04:31   
Moved to 8.1 for same reason as 0001795

Issue History
2015-01-15 14:56IsilkorNew Issue
2015-10-16 00:33Sven2Target Version => 7.0
2015-12-02 10:16ClonkonautSeveritymajor => minor
2015-12-02 10:16ClonkonautTarget Version7.0 => 8.0
2017-12-11 04:31CaesarTarget Version8.0 => 8.1
2017-12-11 04:31CaesarNote Added: 0005933