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0001102OpenClonkObjectspublic2014-08-09 14:182017-12-23 11:37
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Summary0001102: Trees in foreground block buildings
DescriptionWhile I like the trees in the foreground for their atmospheric value, I don't like not seeing my building (see screenshot). I suggest making a tree half transparent if he has buildings, vehicles and usable objects behind him.
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Attached Filespng Hidden Building.png (1,680,360) 2014-08-09 14:18

2015-11-30 12:30   
Probably no change in 7.0

This could be tricky though. An even based script system will probably not properly catch every situation. A solution in the engine is better suited.
2016-08-29 14:17   
I actually like the hiding of objects and clonks behind vegetation. It is just in this case that the tree has a too big base, So I'd rather redesign this particular tree.
2016-08-30 15:09   
What about not letting trees grow directly in front of buildings?

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