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0001045OpenClonkObjectspublic2014-02-23 21:582017-08-20 11:32
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Summary0001045: Female Clonks have male names
DescriptionWell, my chick is named Forman.
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2014-02-23 23:32
2015-10-19 14:04   
What about adding some neutral names of this list ( to the current one ( Then we have some names with a slightly female touch as well since the list is supposed to be female.

As I said in the thread, most of the current names are neutral in my opinion. Plus, you can switch the gender and the name at any time anyway.
2015-10-20 22:15   
Can the clonks not have a second name entry in the defcore? And if you switch gender you switch the name :)?
2015-10-21 09:48   
Changing existing names would be confusing. If you name a Clonk "ala", that name should be permanent. If your Clonk was not renamed and his old generated name Alfons turns to Aino, I would search my much played Alfons. Who is who?
2015-10-26 13:11   
I'm not too eager for changing names, too. But I don't think we should care too much for gender changing. If you do that in your player file, it's your responsibility to rename your clonks.
If a scenario designers decided that only a certain skin should be used, it's his (or her!) fault to not change the name!

Question remains what we want to do about this. Having to different lists and assign a name by checking the chosen skin or the gender variable in the clonk after recruitment?

Maybe we should just remove clonk names at all and just show the player name all the time ;)
2015-11-09 00:35   
Ok, no name changing.

>Question remains what we want to do about this. Having to different lists and assign a name by checking the chosen skin or the gender variable in the clonk after recruitment?

That sounds like a simple solution. At this point it could also be checked if the clonk would be named "Peter 2" since the name is already taken by another crew member, and assign a new one to it.

As for names we take:
I looked at the list linked by armin and in my opinion it has unfortunately a lot of hard to pronounce names. We should simplify a few of them.

If we decide to go with this approach I will do that.
2015-11-09 12:03   
Simplified some names that should be hard to pronounce for foreigners:
2015-11-09 21:07   
Sounds good
2015-11-30 12:09   
I don't think this will make it into 7.0

Changed it to 8.0

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