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  PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
 0002071 1 Engine - Networkblocknew2021-02-07No Networkplay possible, nobody can connect and I can not connant to anybody
 00020312   Engine - Graphicsfeatureresolved (Luchs)2020-11-22Make window resolution available to the fragment shader
  00017907   Objectsfeatureacknowledged2020-09-12Getting stuck in the elevator case
 000207011 Engineminornew2020-09-12Stuck in elevator
 0002064 1 Engine - Graphicsmajornew2020-05-05Light glitches.
 00019852   Graphicsminornew2020-05-05OpenClonk changes KDE plasma's effects
 00020632   Engine - Graphicsmajorresolved (Foaly)2020-04-12Screen brightness changes when volume is changed.
 000204816   Engine - C4Scriptmajorresolved (Marky)2019-06-23Find_ID() does ignore objects under unknown circumstances.
 0002068    Engineminornew2019-06-22Editor: Problems when selecting materials with more than 15 character in texture or material name
 0002067    Engine - C4Scriptminorresolved (Marky)2019-06-20Push/PopActionSpeed working like a stack can cause invalid strange behaviour
 0001379121 Enginecrashfeedback2019-05-07Loading Sections has issues
 0002004    Development Environmentcrashresolved (Clonkonaut)2019-05-07Editor: Crash when closing a scenario while viewport is opened
 00014287   Enginecrashassigned (Clonk-Karl)2019-05-06Definition reloading crashes often
 0002066    Engine - C4Scriptfeaturenew2019-05-02Remove ChangeDef
 000201511   Objectsfeatureassigned (Marky)2019-05-01Revisit melee combat: deal damage after animation to allow for blocks etc.
 00020161   Objectstweakresolved (Clonkonaut)2019-04-29shorten carry-heavy pickup animation
 00020263   Website - Automated Buildsmajorfeedback (Clonkonaut)2019-04-29Snapshots return 404 when downloading
 00020351   Objectsminorfeedback (Clonkonaut)2019-04-29Editor: Goal_Construction shows Ungültig in ID_List and is not changeable
 00020381   Objectstextresolved (Clonkonaut)2019-04-29Fields in German
 00020651   Engine - Graphicscrashresolved (Clonkonaut)2019-04-29Wrong OpenGL context set, some of the time.
 00020622   Engineminornew2019-04-22Packed Music.ocg delays start by several seconds.
 00020581   Enginefeatureresolved (Marky)2019-04-13Remove Bridge procedure
 00019277   Enginefeaturenew2019-04-07Feature Request: Pause/Resume the game via script
 00020571   Engineminorresolved (Marky)2019-04-06Remove deprecated ID constants
 00012512   Engine - C4Scriptfeatureresolved (Marky)2019-04-06Load System.ocg also from non-empty object folders
 00020603   Engineminorresolved (Marky)2019-04-06Objects on the ground fling a Clonk when walking over them
 00020591   Enginefeaturenew2019-04-05Loading multiple script files from a definition
 00020561   Engineminornew2019-04-03Causing lots of explosions simultaneously causes lag from screen shaking
 00019161   Objectsfeatureresolved (Marky)2019-03-31Less coconuts
 0002053    Scenariosminorresolved (Marky)2019-03-31It is possible to finish the Power Problems immediately after start by just producing the air plane
 0002055    Objectsfeaturenew2019-03-31Torches for building sites (in tutorials)?
 0001733    Objectsminorresolved (Marky)2019-03-31Library_Vendor: rename QueryRebuy to e.g. QueryRejectRebuy
 0001737    Engine - C4Scriptminorresolved (Marky)2019-03-31Add keyword any to C4Script
 00020441   Objectsminorresolved (Marky)2019-03-31Player Start: Cannot add entries to base material
 000138431 Enginefeaturenew2019-03-31Make cross-check script-accessible
 00020541   Enginefeaturenew2019-03-31Feature request: Register custom OCFs
 00013515   Enginefeaturenew2019-03-30Object physics - Connected vertices
 00020331   Website - Master Servermajorresolved (Luchs)2019-03-10League refuses player join
 0002052    Engineminornew2019-02-01Only two teams available after enabling random teams
 00020511   Engine - C4Scriptmajorresolved (Luchs)2019-02-01GetTeamCount returns inconsistent values with surprise random teams
 00020361   Objectstrivialresolved (Maikel)2019-02-01Create loam with god's hands
 00020411   Enginemajorresolved (Luchs)2019-02-01Version 9.0-alpha win throws Error
 000145421 Enginetweakresolved (Luchs)2019-01-30Stars only in the top left corner in Full Screen
 00018741   Objectsminorresolved (Luchs)2019-01-27C4Script error in interaction menu (pretty random)
 00019996   Engineminorresolved (Luchs)2019-01-27Editor button only works on Windows/Linux
 00011652   Documentationminorresolved (Luchs)2019-01-27Rename GetPlrColor
 00017246   Website - Automated Buildsminorresolved (Luchs)2019-01-27No secure download options
 00015322   Documentationminorresolved (Luchs)2019-01-27Wrong function names: *HomebaseMaterial
 0001749    Documentationminorresolved (Luchs)2019-01-27Online documentation does not clean up deleted functions
 0001275    Documentationminorresolved (Luchs)2019-01-27Documentation does not seem to be up to date for removed functions
 00020502   Objectsminornew2019-01-20Behaviour of smoke with non-standard gravity
 00016573   Enginemajorresolved (Luchs)2019-01-02OpenClonk registers the same clonk:// url handler as Clonk Rage
 00018718   Objectsminorassigned (Marky)2018-12-27Improvements to liquid system
 00020431   Engine - C4Scriptfeatureresolved (Marky)2018-12-20Feature Request: GetEnergy(bool exact)
 0002047    Enginefeaturenew2018-11-24Feature request: More options for damage tracking
 0002045    Engineminornew2018-08-08Scenario list loader: Currently loaded item is shown in gray even if it doesn't get loaded
 0002042    Enginefeaturenew2018-05-09(Auto)Remove nil values from Player file
 00020081   Enginemajornew2018-05-01Changes in resolution permanently change Desktop resolution, cannot select biggest one
 0002040    Engine - GUIminornew2018-04-28Editor: Action list in Sequence object randomly disables the delete element button
 00020391   Engine - GUItweaknew2018-04-28Editor: Property change controls are only visible when clicked at least once
 0002037    Engine - Graphicstweaknew2018-04-27Editor help quick infos exceed the screen width
 000202823 Engine - GUIcrashnew2018-04-24Hover states in Left/Right/Top/Bottom entries crash the game
 0002032    Engineminornew2018-04-20Scenario cannot be saved twice
 00020302   Objectsminorresolved (Luchs)2018-04-18DFA_Push: Phase by XDIR not working
 00020172   Engine - C4Scriptminoracknowledged2018-04-10OpenClonk vendors blake2 reference implementation instead of libb2
 00020213   Engine - C4Scriptfeatureresolved (Luchs)2018-04-08array Find_Property(string function, any value)
 0002029    Scenariosminornew2018-04-07Guardians of the windmills - Airships stuck
 00019841   Objectsminorfeedback (Clonkonaut)2018-03-31Cable cars: open issues
 0002025    Objectsminornew2018-03-30Rain splashes at the bottom of an open map
 0002024    Websitetweaknew2018-03-26Documentation: Default search selection in the documentation
 0002023    Websitetrivialnew2018-03-26Documentation: Language selection flags have changed location
 0002022    Engine - C4Scriptfeaturenew2018-03-24Expose smoothnes parameter of GetRoundPolygon to c4script
 0002020    Graphicsminornew2018-03-21The burned object does not fit well with many of the burnable objects
 000198341 Objectsminorresolved (Caesar)2018-03-21Arrows do not burn in lava
 0002019    Engineminornew2018-03-20Move screen only when cursour is approaching the screen borders
 0002018    Website - Master Serverminornew2018-03-19Save server statistics longer than 24 hours
 000201271 Engine - Graphicsminoracknowledged (Clonkonaut)2018-03-18Game not displayed correctly
 0002014    Objectsminornew2018-03-18Dialogs should stop movement
 0002013    Objectstweaknew2018-03-18Make dialogs skippable
 0002011    Engineminornew2018-03-17Failed material loading results in failed mesh loading
 0002010    Development Environmentminornew2018-03-17Clonk Ogre Exporter produces invalid material file
 00020091   Scenariosminorresolved (Clonkonaut)2018-03-17Tutorial 8: German grammar wrong
 0002007    Objectsmajorresolved (Maikel)2018-03-14Saving of moving bricks with 'Graph' movement
 00020055   Objectstrivialnew2018-03-13Ranged weapons have no max contents count
 0002006    Enginetweaknew2018-03-11Improve MoveTo command
 00019933   Objectsminorresolved (Zapper)2018-03-11Club ingores no friendly fire rule
 00020021   Engine - C4Scriptminornew2018-03-01Loc_Sky() finds locations in liquids == GBackSky() returns 'true' in liquids
 0002003    Engineminornew2018-02-18Editor: Only host should be able to reset via F12
 00019952   Engineminornew2018-02-17CreateObject() does not distinguish between objects and ids
  000181041 Scenariosfeatureresolved (Luchs)2018-02-17Skylands: Make wood platforms pass through
 00019922   Enginemajorresolved (Luchs)2018-02-17OpenClonk 8.0 does not compile with -Werror=format-security
 000199831 Engine - Networkminorresolved (Luchs)2018-02-17Networking does not work on FreeBSD
 00020005   Website - Automated Buildsmajorresolved (Sven2)2018-02-17Windows Autobuilds are broken
 0001979131 Objectsminornew2018-02-15Some buildings have badly placed vertices
 00019913   Enginecrashresolved (Clonk-Karl)2018-02-12Crash on starting OpenClonk Editor
 00019962   Engineminornew2018-02-12OpenClonk 8.0 does not compile on Debian armel/armhf
 00019971   Objectsminornew2018-02-12Script error when you click contents amount bar in interaction menu
 00019942   Objectsminornew2018-02-11Fire ignores no friendly fire rule
 00015642   Scenariostrivialresolved (Maikel)2018-02-05Hot Ice could use some decoration - looks very plain
 00015602   Scenariosminorresolved (Maikel)2018-02-05Molten Monarch: Weapons don't fade out and flood the map
 00019902   Engine - C4Scriptcrashresolved (Luchs)2018-02-04Warnings in DirectExec crash the game
 00014981   Engineminornew2018-01-31Left and right mouse clicks don't reset player's view
 0001989    Engineminornew2018-01-29Matching players in savegames aren't automatically assigned in lobby
 000174821 Enginemajorresolved2018-01-29Stack buffer overrun in C4LoaderScreen::Init
 0001876 1 Engine - GUIminornew2018-01-29Images for team selection in single player mode are broken for meshes
 00018771   Engine - GUIminornew2018-01-29Menu Tooltip not always shown
 00019883   Scenariosminornew2018-01-29Parcour arrow inconsistent
 000198711 Engineminorfeedback (Luchs)2018-01-28Message board splits message into single chars after tabbing in and out
 000176541 Scenariosminornew2018-01-28Acid Drilling: Add NPCs for Information on top of the description
 0001986    Engineminornew2018-01-28Message board randomly spits out log messages after tabbing in and out
 0001109122 Engine - Networkminoracknowledged2018-01-28Sync loss on runtime join
 00019653   Enginemajornew2018-01-28Resuming savegames over the network desyncs
 00016841   Engine - Controlsfeatureacknowledged2018-01-22Additional mouse buttons should be usable
 000169341 Engine - GUIminorresolved (Caesar)2018-01-22Player Controls dialogue does not support certain assignments
 00017874   Objectsminorresolved (Zapper)2018-01-22Grenade Launcher: Does not always show aim preview
 000169112   Objectsminorresolved (Zapper)2018-01-22Bow, (and musket) after shot (or recharge) keep in the kind of aiming mode, without mouse pressed that prevents climbing
 00017771   Engine - C4Scriptminorresolved (Zapper)2018-01-20The array returned by GetProperties contains a property multiple times if it's defined in the proplist and it's prototype
 0001915    Objectsminorresolved2018-01-20Pickaxe gets invisible
 000197413   Objectsminorresolved (Marky)2018-01-20Tools carried visibly on the Clonk when dying are invisible when picked up again
 00019803   Objectsminorresolved (Zapper)2018-01-19Turning buildings sometimes doesn't work
 00019811   Objectsminorresolved (Luchs)2018-01-16Krakatoa: Flag arrows don't correspond to actual flag radius
 0001978    Objectsminornew2018-01-16Changing from gamepad to mouse controls within a game produces script errors
 00016923   Engine - Controlsminorresolved (Caesar)2018-01-14Mouse buttons controlls cannot be changed?! (but should be?)
 000196910   Objectsminorresolved (Marky)2018-01-14Pushing a lorry into a cabin makes the contents irretrievable
 000180861 Scenariosminorresolved (Maikel)2018-01-13Fight for the Gidl: Dynamite Fuse disappears after switch
 00019707   Objectsminorassigned (Zapper)2018-01-13Liquid and/or stacked object displays sometimes broken in ObjectInteractionMenu
 000181362 Enginemajorassigned (Caesar)2018-01-13Qt editor always crashes when the player joins the game.
 00019563   Enginecrashresolved (Caesar)2018-01-13Crash on start with editor mode two local players
 00019771   Enginefeaturenew2018-01-13Feature request - Specify locations of Material.ocg for scenarios
 00019764   Scenariosminorresolved (Marky)2018-01-13Fight for GIDL: GIDL moves
 00017662   Scenariosminorresolved (Luchs)2018-01-11Acid Drilling: Improve map design
 00019102   Engine - C4Scriptminorresolved (Luchs)2018-01-11Sky entry in Scenario.txt is broken
 000197331 Scenariosminorresolved (Marky)2018-01-11Gem Grabbers: New gems can grow on wooden bridges
 0001975    Engine - C4Scriptfeaturenew2018-01-11DrawMaterialQuad option to not change background material
 00019522   Website - Automated Buildsmajorresolved (Isilkor)2018-01-09Snapshots are not being updated again
 000117931 Engine - GUIfeaturenew2018-01-09Show message about playing tutorials
 00016996   Objectsfeatureresolved (Zapper)2018-01-08Empty chests should stay open
 000150525   Objectsminorfeedback (Clonkonaut)2018-01-07You can use the teleglove to cheat through fog of war
 00019601   Scenariosminorresolved (Maikel)2018-01-07Horrid Highway unplayable
 00019571   Objectstweaknew2018-01-07Getting stuck in small gaps on the ground
 0001751    Objectsminornew2018-01-07Sound spam of ice material
 000159121 Graphicsminorassigned (Matthias)2018-01-07Ore normal map faulty
 0001785 1 Graphicsminornew2018-01-07Green Line at the side of the screen
 00013153   Engine - Graphicsminornew2018-01-07blurry sky with low parallaxity
 00015621   Engine - GUIminornew2018-01-07A click in the network menu is picked up by items
 000197241 Objectsminorresolved (Zapper)2018-01-07Powder Keg shows overlapping numbers in inventory menu
 00019713   Objectstrivialnew2018-01-07Scaling underwater possible
 00018425   Engine - GUIminorresolved (Zapper)2018-01-07Extra-slot-containers should be in front in inventory to minimize row count
 00011853   Enginefeatureacknowledged2018-01-07Put mesh materials and sounds into namespaces
 00016443   Engineminornew2018-01-06Missing engine sounds
 0001951102 Objectsminorresolved (Marky)2017-12-29Making water disappear with an airplane
 000162741 Engineminorresolved (Zapper)2017-12-29Infinite knockdown that may kill you
 000172321 Engine - Networkmajoracknowledged2017-12-28Network Sync Loss in replays
 00019412   Enginefeatureresolved (Luchs)2017-12-28Show error when attempting to load an old savegame
 000194431 Engine - Controlsmajorresolved (Luchs)2017-12-28Controls - Backspace and Escape are saved as $0 on exit
 00018901   Engine - Graphicsminorresolved (Luchs)2017-12-28Show error dialog if sufficient OpenGL version is not available
 000196432 Objectsminorresolved (Zapper)2017-12-27Partially used loam is sorted inconsistently
 000195841 Objectsmajorresolved (Zapper)2017-12-27Slow motion rain effects, slow motion game?
 00012497   Objectsminorresolved (Marky)2017-12-27Fire particles of incinerated powder keg are at clonk's center when being carried.
 0001968    Engine - C4Scriptminornew2017-12-27CreateParticleAtBone - position and dir arrays cannot handle PV_*() entries
 00013006   Engine - Graphicsfeatureacknowledged2017-12-27Feature Request - CreateParticleAtBone for attached meshes
 000194312   Scenariosminorresolved (Luchs)2017-12-26Boomshire: Goal not implemented correctly
 000185821 Objectsminorresolved (Luchs)2017-12-26Stuck Coconut makes Clonks tumble (snapshot)
 0001439    Engine - Networkminornew2017-12-26Ready button race condition
 000160631 Objectsminorresolved (Luchs)2017-12-26Pickaxe: annoying to mine single pixels
 00016962   Engine - C4Scriptcrashfeedback (Günther)2017-12-26Global->eval("test") crashes
 00011633   Engine - C4Scriptmajorfeedback2017-12-26GetMaterialVal should return nil (not zero or empty string) if entry is not specified in Material.ocm
 00014263   Objectsminorresolved (Marky)2017-12-23Stop hangling when not pressing forward
 000110231 Objectsminoracknowledged2017-12-23Trees in foreground block buildings
 00005837   Engine - C4Scriptminoracknowledged2017-12-23Script Parse errors can leak C4Strings
 000142951 Engine - Graphicsminoracknowledged2017-12-23Landscape edges have shadows
 000133071 Objectsminorresolved (Zapper)2017-12-23Burned trees don't fall
 00018702   Engineminorconfirmed2017-12-23SetObjDrawTransform causes unintended distortion on certain objects
 00011372   Engine - Graphicsminorconfirmed2017-12-23/screenshot does not work in editor mode
 0001441 1 Graphicstweakconfirmed2017-12-23Ear of Clonkine faces wrong direction
 000131831 Graphicsmajorconfirmed2017-12-23objects like tree overlap materials
 00015566   Scenariosminorresolved (Clonkonaut)2017-12-23Rock Bottom: Balance weapon choices
 00011062   Mapeminorassigned (Clonk-Karl)2017-12-23Mape can only access the drive it lies on
 000128021 Engine - Renderingminorassigned (Isilkor)2017-12-23Scene.material warnings
 00014133   Engine - Renderingminorassigned (PeterW)2017-12-23Low ambient brightness is not illuminated by light
 00014701   Enginefeaturenew2017-12-22Unable to select spectator/free view when playing back recorded game
 000081471 Objectsminorconfirmed2017-12-22Dig + landscape border = fly
 000165281 Engineminorresolved (Luchs)2017-12-22Climbing on the landscape border
 0001761    Scenariosmajornew2017-12-22Scorched Gardens map has a lot of spots for camping
 00019663   Scenariosminorresolved (Caesar)2017-12-21Script error when resuming save games from Worlds.ocf
 00019671   Scenariostextresolved (Luchs)2017-12-19German goal text in Iron Peak cluttered
 00019633   Graphicsmajorresolved2017-12-13Game only fills lower left quadrant of the screen
 000167151 Objectsminorresolved (Caesar)2017-12-12Please let the non-free music co-exist with the free music file
 00012411   Engineminornew2017-12-11SDL_mixer: Inaccessible audio device not handled correctly
 000135971 Enginecrashresolved (Caesar)2017-12-10Crash when Material.ocg contains invalid data
 00016812   Enginemajorresolved (Caesar)2017-12-08volume parameter of SoundAt() does not work
 00017952   Enginemajornew2017-12-07SDL_Mixer: Re-enabling music does not work
 00019622   Objectsmajorresolved (Maikel)2017-12-03Deathmatch completely broken
 00019612   Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2017-11-30Airplane can't shoot bullets
 0001959    Engine - Renderingmajornew2017-11-27Drawing issues when game isn't focused during scenario loading
 000186572 Objectsminorconfirmed2017-11-25Pumps not pumping anymore
 000174031 Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2017-11-25No health shown in savegame, also building materials are not shown at building site
 00019551   Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2017-11-17Dynamite igniter is invisible
 00019542   Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2017-11-17Airplane: Afterburner doesn't stop when airplane gets submerged
 0001148233 Objectstweakresolved (Clonkonaut)2017-11-11Loam from sand
 00019481   Documentationminorresolved (Maikel)2017-11-11MAPALGO_Turbulence is missing "Op" parameter
 00019141   Objectsfeaturenew2017-11-11Don't cancel reloading when changing action
 00016136   Engine - Controlsminorresolved (Maikel)2017-11-11Arrows become invisible when the bow is destroyed
 00019505   Engine - C4Scriptminorresolved (Maikel)2017-11-11RemoveObject(true) in Container, no Collection callback
 00019134   Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2017-11-10Switching inventory while using dynamite igniter
 00019531   Engineminornew2017-11-05During runtime join, existing players are invalid in OnSynchronized() call
 000104115   Objectsminorresolved (Clonkonaut)2017-11-01Wood and burned wood get stacked together
 000129431 Graphicsminornew2017-10-29Broken UV Map in Clonks source file & exports
 000190612   Objectsminorresolved (K-Pone)2017-10-27Last man standing keeps creating new Rule_Relaunch objects
 00014402   Engine - GUItweakresolved2017-10-26Can't Delete Scenarios / Missionfolders in Frontend
 000138912   Engine - C4Scriptminorresolved (Günther)2017-10-26Aul integer overflow results in strange numbers on 64 bit machines
 00015883   Graphicsminorresolved (Clonkonaut)2017-10-26Gold Nugget color does not match gold material color
 00012727   Engine - Graphicsminorconfirmed2017-10-26Line corners can no longer be colored
 00014371   Engine - Graphicsminorassigned (Clonk-Karl)2017-10-26GFX_BLIT_ClrSfc_OwnClr does not work for meshes
 00016512   Website - Master Servertrivialfeedback2017-10-26League: Filter past games without players that only lasted seconds
 00016583   Enginecrashconfirmed2017-10-26Crash when reloading an object
 000164211   Website - Automated Buildsminornew2017-10-26In the release source tarball, all files are marked as executable
 000144511 Engine - Networkminornew2017-10-26Crashdump from LZB Try
 00016638   Objectsminorassigned (Maikel)2017-10-26Improvements to airplane
 00009177   Enginemajoracknowledged (Sven2)2017-10-26Player.ocp sometimes deleted
 00017251   Website - Automated Buildstweakassigned (Clonk-Karl)2017-10-26Everything is in root of tarball
 000181251 Development Environmentblockconfirmed2017-10-26Editor window turns black with Intel GDI
 00019202   Documentationblocknew2017-10-26Doumentation for EditorProps insufficient
 0001427    Website - Automated Buildstrivialassigned (Clonk-Karl)2017-10-25mape Darwin snapshot is a second copy of the openclonk app bundle
 000141821 Engine - Renderingminorassigned (PeterW)2017-10-25Material normals broken?
 000124371 Engineminoracknowledged2017-10-25Scenario starts with a player in editor mode, without the command line parameter
 00007422   Engine - C4Scriptminoracknowledged2017-10-25C4String leak in Boomshire.ocs
 00019123   Scenariosminorresolved (Clonkonaut)2017-10-25Treasure Hunt: NPCs
 000188931 Objectstweakresolved (Clonkonaut)2017-10-25Visual feedback when using loam
 00017082   Objectsminorresolved (Clonkonaut)2017-10-25Sometimes the elevator does not stop at the Clonk's position
 000169021 Objectstrivialresolved2017-10-25Enemy AI tries to hit objects below through solid material
 000180731 Objectsminornew2017-10-25Airplane gets stuck on top when hitting solid material in Boomshire
 00013025   Engineminoracknowledged2017-10-25Weird Sound() behaviour
 00011083   Engine - C4Scriptminorconfirmed2017-10-25ERROR: internal error: var definition: var not found in variable table
 0000934    Mapefeatureacknowledged2017-10-25Mape: brackets with ctrl+alt+7
 00019362   Objectsminorresolved (Clonkonaut)2017-10-25Hideout/PyreGem: Possible null pointer error
 00016861   Documentationminorresolved (Clonkonaut)2017-10-25Links on "Player controls" page do not work
 00019391   Scenariosfeatureresolved (Clonkonaut)2017-10-25Diving helmet in Deep Sea Mining
 00017433   Documentationmajorresolved2017-10-25Documentation for GetComponent is outdated
 000093181 Objectsminorassigned (Zapper)2017-10-25Buildings shake when being built
 00014754   Engine - GUIfeaturefeedback2017-10-24Scenario default title should be the file name
 000160741 Objectsminorresolved (Clonkonaut)2017-10-24Plants can still grow too crowded
 0001905    Website - Master Servermajorresolved (Luchs)2017-10-18League: Hosting league games not working
 00019472   Objectsminorresolved (K-Pone)2017-10-15Goal_LastManStanding doesn't refresh scoreboard
 00019461   Enginemajorresolved (Luchs)2017-10-14Water sliding on lava in Hot Ice
 0001945    Engine - Networkfeaturenew2017-10-14Post-game lobby
 00019423   Website - Automated Buildsmajorresolved (Clonk-Karl)2017-09-30Snapshots are not being updated for more than 2 weeks
 00019402   Objectsminorresolved2017-09-04Coconuts cannot be eaten
 00019324   Objectsminorresolved (Caesar)2017-09-02Goal objects are visible in fullscreen mode
 00008355   Engine - GUIfeaturenew2017-08-26Standart font size needs to be bigger
 000169510   Engine - GUIfeaturenew2017-08-26Automatically detect monitor DPI and set default text size accordingly
 00019225   Engine - C4Scriptminorresolved (Caesar)2017-08-26"Expression not constant: (null)" is not helpful
 0001937 1 Enginecrashnew2017-08-23Editor crashes because of a dbus error
 00016981   Objectsfeaturenew2017-08-20New rule: population control
 00009743   Engine - Networkminornew2017-08-20Network security: C4Control* doesn't check player affiliation
 0001453    Engineminornew2017-08-20During lag in network games the music stops
 00014581   Engine - Renderingminornew2017-08-20SetGraphics - GFXOV_MODE_Object does not superimpose all overlays
 00015385   Engine - Renderingminornew2017-08-20SetGraphics(nil, Definition) does not work as expected with sprite graphics
 00015134   Engineminornew2017-08-20Localization priority not as expected
 00018042   Enginecrashnew2017-08-20Scenario description causes crash
 0001673    Objectsminornew2017-08-20Animations of Puka seem to be very slow
 0001705    Engine - C4Scriptminornew2017-08-20Automatic type conversion bool -> int in function parameters
 00017122   Objectsminornew2017-08-20Cloud: Supports only hardcoded materials
 00017192   Engine - Controlsminornew2017-08-20Stuck when falling in water
 00017341   Engine - C4Scriptminornew2017-08-20Trailing comma in array literals results in nil
 0001762    Enginetweaknew2017-08-20Music switch is annoying if you only walk past a few pixel of tunnel
 0001516    Engine - GUIminornew2017-08-20Player uses item although ingame Network Window is opened and focussed
 00017672   Engine - Controlsminornew2017-08-20Rotating objects is not working like it was intended
 00017691   Engine - GUIminornew2017-08-20Not beeing able to close unwanted menus quickly
 0001746 1 Engine - GUItweaknew2017-08-20GUI Scrollbar only visible on last subitem
 00017791   Engine - GUIminornew2017-08-20"Pings" tab in /chart is empty
 00017846   Engineminornew2017-08-20reproducer change: sound-loss
 0001799    Website - Master Serverminornew2017-08-20League / Team section: URIs of the team websites are wrong
 0001802    Engineminornew2017-08-20Local Sound.ocg will not replace default sounds
 000183341 Engineblocknew2017-08-20openclonk-server cannot open System.ocg
 0001836    Engine - C4Scriptminornew2017-08-20Inconsistent function binding in proplists
 0001856    Engine - Renderingtweaknew2017-08-20SetGamma does not reset after round
 00018781   Engineminornew2017-08-20Sequence trigger "All goals fulfilled"
 0001883    Engine - GUIminornew2017-08-20Frontend main menu: Hover effects rests when using the arrow keys while pressing enter
 00019302   Objectsmajornew2017-08-20Object interaction not possible inside a container (especially not with the container)
 00019312   Objectsminornew2017-08-20Interaction GUI does not update if the interaction object does not change
 00017271   Engineminornew2017-08-20Full-map screenshots turn out oddly
 0001376    Engineminornew2017-08-20Script callbacks on ClearPointers
 0001561    Scenariosminornew2017-08-20Molten Monarch, Map design: it's difficult to go up - hence all players are on the same spots
 0001567    Objectsminornew2017-08-20Sound: Pickaxe on granit doesn't fit
 0001565    Engine - Networkminornew2017-08-20Ignore command available in lobby, cannot be undone in game
 00006762   Graphicsfeaturenew2017-08-20Title images for Savegame and Records folders
 000160032 Engineminornew2017-08-20High speed object stuck against material
 000190141 Objectsmajornew2017-08-20Clonk stuck in endless tumbling animation
 00018054   Engine - Graphicsminornew2017-08-20Mesh material inheriting from default NormalMap has no GPU skinning
 000165621 Objectsminornew2017-08-20Endless tumbling in Kamikaze Cowboys
 0001732    Engine - Controlsminornew2017-08-20remove spec_id argument from PlayerControl
 00016661   Enginefeaturenew2017-08-20Sound.ocg in scenario folder not loaded
 00008861   Engine - GUIminornew2017-08-20Goals GUI blocked walking but not throwing items
 00015045   Engine - GUIfeaturenew2017-08-20Feature: I want to close dialogs
 00007054   Engine - Networkfeaturenew2017-08-20Remove chat name option, use player name instead
 0001604    Enginetweaknew2017-08-20Saving takes increasingly long
 00011313   Engine - Controlsminornew2017-08-20Runtime network dialogue shows scenario options
 00014912   Enginefeaturenew2017-08-20Helpful 'Did You Know' Tips
 0001467    Engineminornew2017-08-20unify Damage and Energy
 0001434    Engine - GUIfeaturenew2017-08-20Display certain information in an information overlay
 00010801   Website - Master Servermajoracknowledged2017-08-20League: Users with non-ASCII characters in their name cannot sign in
 00013415   Engineminoracknowledged2017-08-20Playing same sound repeatedly is not possible
 00010781   Website - Master Servertweakacknowledged2017-08-20League: Handle clan URLs with protocol properly
 000053351 Engine - Networkfeatureacknowledged2017-08-20Display Ping in Server List
 000057515   Graphicstrivialacknowledged2017-08-20Moon vanishes if zoomed in too far
 00007875   Engine - GUIminoracknowledged2017-08-20Closing the window while in C4Startup init code accesses invalid memory
 00008236   Engineminoracknowledged2017-08-20Sounds in objects don't get re-loaded
 00008543   Engineminoracknowledged2017-08-20Game shortly freezes when you join the lobby
 00012234   Engine - Graphicsminorconfirmed2017-08-20Whole map visible after death
 000129032 Engine - Graphicsminorconfirmed2017-08-20A ray of black dots sometimes appears in caves
 0001335    Engineminorconfirmed2017-08-20Lighs have box shape when rays don't hit solid material.
 00010459   Objectstrivialconfirmed2017-08-20Female Clonks have male names
 00012545   Engineminorconfirmed2017-08-20Adjust default light range
 000037311   Graphicsfeatureassigned (Clonk-Karl)2017-08-20Title animation for the clonk
 00015332   Enginefeatureassigned (Sven2)2017-08-20Feature Request: Map script functions to work at runtime.
 0001934    Enginefeaturenew2017-08-19Multichannel music (and/or sounds)
 000142321 Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2017-08-19Clonk is sometimes facing the wrong direction when hanging on a cross bow rope
 00017094   Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2017-08-19Spam balloons
 00018801   Objectsmajorresolved (Maikel)2017-08-18Partially burned down buildings cannot be repaired
 00018064   Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2017-08-18Ownership area blocks can overlap each other
 000192131 Scenariosmajorresolved (Caesar)2017-08-15Savegame title is "Default Title"
 00017647   Graphicsminorresolved2017-08-14Carry heavy object disappears while swimming
 000192821 Engineminorresolved2017-08-14Apply patch for reproducible builds
 00019335   Scenariosminorresolved2017-08-14The Raid: Clonko tells the player the wrong colour
 00014301   Engine - GUIminorconfirmed2017-08-12Disallow creating a script GUI window from an object instead of a proplist
 00002312   Engine - Graphicsminornew2017-08-12Particles attached to parallax objects
 000089517   Engine - Renderingminorresolved (Luchs)2017-08-12SetMatAdjust() does not work with high resolution landscape
 0001841103 Engine - Renderingmajorresolved (Luchs)2017-08-12Landscape shader selects wrong material texture
 0001618    minorresolved (Luchs)2017-08-12build system tries to update MIME cache on install
 00019112   Scenariosminorresolved (Maikel)2017-08-05Playground: Library_Plant can be placed
 00006544   Objectsmajorresolved (Randrian)2017-08-05Can't climb while the holding the Flag
 000120721 Engine - Renderingmajornew2017-08-05Lights - Black bars when moving right or down fast
 00016799   Scenariosminornew2017-08-05Switch from Landscape.txt to Map.c
 00017041   Engineminornew2017-08-05max downloadsize in settings adjustable
 00015661   Scenariostrivialresolved (Maikel)2017-08-05Escape the volcano: Black sky but no stars or moon
 00015892   Engineminorresolved (Luchs)2017-08-04Can't type Umlauts ingame (Ubuntu)
 00019265   Objectsfeatureresolved (Marky)2017-07-13Healing / Eating possible if health is full
 00018844   Engineminorresolved (Sven2)2017-07-13Editor action buttons are duplicate (for writable properties) and don't update
 00017211   Enginetweakresolved (Sven2)2017-07-12Moving mouse speeds up loading a scenario folder
 00013422   Engine - Graphicsfeatureconfirmed2017-07-11Scaled sky does not work properly
 0001929    Engine - C4Scriptfeaturenew2017-07-11Feature Request: Set ambient light and shadow color via script
 00019242   Objectsfeatureresolved (Zapper)2017-06-29Feature Request: Extra slot item graphics as object graphics instead of definition graphics
 0001925    Enginefeaturenew2017-06-27Feature Request: Append multiple animations per definition
 00015795   Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2017-06-20Show power balance in interaction menu
 00015908   Objectsmajorresolved (Clonkonaut)2017-06-20Can't finish shooting when riding
 00011987   Engine - C4Scriptfeatureresolved (Zapper)2017-06-20Radial distribution for CreateParticles()
 000157212   Objectsfeatureresolved (Maikel)2017-06-20Feature: Concrete item
 000163921 Engine - GUItweakresolved (Zapper)2017-06-20Arrow count is confusing because of inventory slot numbers
 0001923    Engine - Renderingminornew2017-06-17Network crash after round end
 00018871   Scenariostextresolved (Maikel)2017-06-17IRC feedback for tutorial #2
 00018882   Scenariostextresolved (Maikel)2017-06-17IRC feedback for tutorial # 3
 00019171   Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2017-06-03Scaffolds don't like basements
 00019191   Engine - GUIfeaturenew2017-05-27Feature Request: Symbol-like entry that stretches graphics to dimensions of the window
 0001918    Engine - GUIfeaturenew2017-05-27Feature Request: Color modulation for symbol
 00019084   Engine - C4Scriptminorresolved (Isilkor)2017-04-29Trans_Rotate(1) crashes
 00019091   Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2017-04-25Overcast Teleport Scroll not working
 00019072   Scenariosminorresolved (Marky)2017-04-24DarkCastle: Stringtable entry NameHorax has wrong language
 00019042   Engineminorresolved (Isilkor)2017-04-19Sort_Speed is completely broken
 000154211 Enginetextresolved2017-04-17Arena in singleplayer tells to activate 2 players in player selection
 000190392 Engine - C4Scriptmajorresolved (Isilkor)2017-04-12Inconclusive error message "ERROR: internal error: value stack left unbalanced (in Definition.FunctionName)"
 00018173   Enginemajorresolved2017-03-31Editor loading wrong scenarios
 00018431   Engine - Renderingfeatureresolved (Caesar)2017-03-26Make black screen on scenario end a scenario option
 000165022 Enginecrashresolved2017-03-26Ingame Crash
 00016541   Enginefeatureresolved (Isilkor)2017-03-26Load unpacked scenarios in Editor view
 00018591   Engine - Networkmajorresolved (Isilkor)2017-03-26Files not loading
 00015115   Engine - Graphicscrashresolved (Isilkor)2017-03-26OpenGL Error when starting scenario
 00016642   Enginecrashresolved (Luchs)2017-03-21Crash when resizing an editor viewport
 00018951   Engine - C4Scriptcrashresolved (Isilkor)2017-03-14Crash on wrong parameter count
 0001899    Objectsminorassigned (Sven2)2017-03-11script error in enemy spawn
 00018982   Engineminorresolved (Sven2)2017-03-11Enforce scenario template definitions
 00018972   Engine - Networkminorresolved (Luchs)2017-03-10crash on connecting in network game
 00018962   Objectsfeatureresolved (Marky)2017-03-06ObjectInterationMenu: Callback target for entries_callback
 00018941   Engine - Networkmajorresolved (Luchs)2017-02-26Initial connection may time out if the host has lots of link-local addresses
 00018936   Enginecrashresolved (Sven2)2017-02-25Crash on Windows since Autobuild 2083
 00018921   Enginetextresolved (Isilkor)2017-02-19mingw's vasprintf doesn't support positionals
 000189122 Engine - C4Scriptcrashresolved (Isilkor)2017-02-16NULL dereference when warning is emitted in eval()
 000188531 Engine - Networkminorresolved (Maikel)2017-02-03Allowing script players to join in network rounds.
 000188651 Engine - Networkmajorresolved (Luchs)2017-01-22Error in network lobby, no link-local adress available
 0001879121 Objectsmajorresolved (Sven2)2017-01-19Golden Mountain: Pump doesn't pump lava
 00018733   Objectsminorresolved (Marky)2017-01-12Weapons, such as the bow, can be used during dialogues
 00017543   Scenariosminorresolved (Clonkonaut)2017-01-03Crash Landing: Mission got stuck by crushing the plane
 0001881    Objectsminornew2017-01-02Cloud fancy PXS effect issues
 00010972   Objectsfeatureresolved (Clonkonaut)2016-12-30Make plane land on water
 000187531 Enginecrashresolved (Isilkor)2016-12-28Crash on Windows XP
 000171081 Objectsminorresolved (Marky)2016-12-25Scaling with wrong animation
 00018154   Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2016-12-25don't require source pipe to pump air to helmet
 0001872    Engine - Networkfeaturenew2016-12-22Make Material.ocg saveable
 00015017   Engine - C4Scriptfeatureresolved (Maikel)2016-12-21Check for unused sounds automatically
 00016691   Objectsfeatureresolved (Maikel)2016-12-21WallKit antistuck
 00017163   Objectsmajorresolved (Maikel)2016-12-21stucking in metal bridges sucks.
 00016834   Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2016-12-21Multiple goals are not displayed correctly
 000186931 Engineminorresolved (Luchs)2016-12-19Network host log spam: OnPacket
 00018681   Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2016-12-18Script error on incinerated compensator
 00018673   Engine - GUIminorresolved (Clonkonaut)2016-12-17It is not possible to transfer earth inside a bucket from Clonk to foundry
 00018511   Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2016-12-16Wind generator: GetPowerNetwork() either not called from definition context or no object specified..
 00018641   Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2016-12-16Dynamite Box cannot be put into Chemical Lab
 000186611 Objectsmajorresolved (Maikel)2016-12-16Goldrush: Construction Goal doesn't recognize gold idol
 00016482   Objectsminorresolved (Sven2)2016-12-15Changing directions while digging has some flaws
 000180911 Engine - Graphicstweakresolved2016-12-15Stretched moving platforms are glitched
 00016374   Engine - Controlsminorresolved (Luchs)2016-12-15When ingame, the mouse should be captured
 000134651 Engine - Graphicsfeaturenew2016-12-09Lights - Object lights as cones
 00018192   Scenariosminorresolved (Sven2)2016-12-07No achievement for "Krakatoa's Krach" world
 00018573   Enginetrivialresolved (Clonk-Karl)2016-12-03Linux: OpenClonk ignores install prefix
 00018466   Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2016-12-01Power producer change their owner to NO_OWNER
 000185262 Engine - C4Scriptcrashresolved (Sven2)2016-11-30OpenClonk crashes when calling an undefined function
 00018552   Engine - C4Scriptcrashresolved (Isilkor)2016-11-30initialized 'static' variable causes crash
 00018501   Engine - C4Scriptcrashresolved (Isilkor)2016-11-30Uncaught C4AulParseError with error in System.ocg script
 00018401   Engine - C4Scriptminorresolved (Isilkor)2016-11-13Aul: Codegen error inside loop results in assertion failure
 00018391   Engine - C4Scriptminorresolved (Isilkor)2016-11-13Aul: Codegen error inside function results in spurious warnings
 00012063   Engine - C4Scriptfeatureresolved (Luchs)2016-11-12Script functions to affect shaders at runtime
 00018384   Scenariosminorresolved (Maikel)2016-11-11Tutorial 06: Catapult on the right island is stuck
 00018482   Enginetextresolved (Zapper)2016-11-11Typo in "Client ... is bereit"
 00018471   Website - Master Serverfeaturenew2016-11-04Masterserver: Possibility to get the references, clients etc. as JSON
 0001845    Enginefeaturenew2016-11-04Autosave for editor
 000183711 Engine - C4Scriptminorresolved (Isilkor)2016-10-31Script error in one script causes errors in unrelated scripts
 00018227   Engine - C4Scriptfeaturenew2016-10-29Forcing mouse position
 00018342   Enginetrivialresolved (Isilkor)2016-10-28Editor running on 13% CPU with no scenario loaded and idle
 000183121 Enginecrashresolved (Isilkor)2016-10-21Overloading non-function with function causes ICE
 000182910   Enginemajorresolved2016-10-19No music in 8.0 Alpha
 000182841 Graphicstrivialresolved2016-10-18背景贴图有锯齿
 00018111   Engine - Graphicsmajorresolved (Sven2)2016-10-17Display bug with goals
 00018275   Engine - Graphicsminorresolved (Clonk-Karl)2016-10-16Changing sky does not work
 0001826    Engine - C4Scriptfeaturenew2016-10-09Feature Request: Diagnostics for "SetGraphics: Invalid overlay mode"
 0001825    Engine - Controlsfeaturenew2016-10-08Editor: Allow controlling more than one local player with keyboard/mouse
 00018241   Engine - C4Scriptminornew2016-10-02StringTbl in Section.ocg not loaded
 00018232   Documentationminorresolved (Sven2)2016-10-01Docs: Example in DrawParticleLine broken
 00018201   Objectsminorresolved (Sven2)2016-09-15Tree_Coconut not placed anymore in Miami Ice
 00018211   Scenariosminorresolved (Sven2)2016-09-15No objects in Landscape in Hot Ice
 00018183   Website - Automated Buildscrashresolved (Isilkor)2016-09-04Automated nightly builds can not be launched
 00016292   Engineminorresolved (Sven2)2016-08-29Health bar is disappear
 00018143   Engine - Networkminorresolved (Sven2)2016-08-28Client save deletes local copy after application close
 00017981   Engine - C4Scriptminorresolved (Sven2)2016-08-27Saving references to dynamic proplists created in Definition()
 00018161   Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2016-08-26Dynamite Box not exploding when ignited
 000174451 Scenariosminorresolved (Maikel)2016-08-25tutorial cannot be finished after turning catapult arounds
 0001759    Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2016-08-15You can hit yourself while jumping and throwing
 00016303   Objectsminorresolved (Clonkonaut)2016-08-09Corner scale using the [Up] key
 000177021 Engine - Controlsminorresolved (Clonkonaut)2016-08-09Climbing to walking transition error with pressing up
 000179171 Engineminorresolved (Clonkonaut)2016-08-09Loam can be build over bricks
 00015511   Scenariosminorresolved (Clonkonaut)2016-08-09Hot Ice spawn positions
 00017523   Objectstextresolved (Clonkonaut)2016-08-09German name for palm tree is "Kokosbaum" not "Palme"
 00017881   Objectsminorresolved (Clonkonaut)2016-08-09Basement: Cannot repair from top
 0001558    Objectsminorresolved (Clonkonaut)2016-08-09Dynamite Box exploding underwater makes no sound
 0001800    Websitetextresolved (Newton)2016-08-09Nightly Build page claims Linux builds are done on Debian Stable
 00016942   Engine - Controlsminorresolved (Sven2)2016-08-07Handling of cursor position in control assignments is not intuitive
 00017682   Engine - GUIminorresolved (Clonkonaut)2016-07-31Optical feedback for activated grappling hook requested
 000178621 Scenariosminorresolved (Clonkonaut)2016-07-25Chine: Startposition left Clonk stuck in granit
 000175761 Objectstweakresolved (Clonkonaut)2016-07-25Drain and Source pipe not distinguishable with dyschromatopsia
 0001781    Scenariosminorresolved (Clonkonaut)2016-07-25Trees : ERROR: GenCon must be called from Object context
 000179611 Objectsminorresolved (Clonkonaut)2016-07-25Too many Effects in production buildings
 00017922   Engineminorresolved (Luchs)2016-07-20Grenade Launcher infinitive explode in lava in Hot Ice
 000178211 Enginefeaturenew2016-07-13Network Lobby should ask for confirmation on exit when clients have joined
 0001775    Website - Master Serverminorresolved (Luchs)2016-07-10Wrong encoding for scenarios with umlauts
 000177822 Enginecrashresolved (Isilkor)2016-07-08Latest snapshot 7ff8c4f95a *always* crashes
 000177631 Engine - C4Scriptcrashresolved (Isilkor)2016-07-06Crash on calling global func F defined in a definition that is overloaded to not define F (under certain circumstances)
 00017505   Enginefeaturenew2016-06-28Load a list of definitions via command line call
 0001459217 Graphicsminorresolved (Isilkor)2016-06-28character looks strange and gangly
 0001758    Engine - GUIfeaturenew2016-06-23Let players know whether the top, sides or bottom is open or closed by default
 0001755    Engine - GUIfeaturenew2016-06-22Feature: Add a hotkey to switch between different containers in the E-menu
 0001753    Engine - GUIfeaturenew2016-06-22Feature: Scroll through inventory while a menu is open
 00009294   Engine - Networkfeaturenew2016-06-22FeatureWish: Chatting while loading
 00015712   Websiteminorresolved (Isilkor)2016-06-19Website: Search field always resets itself to Blog
 000168971 Engineminorresolved (Isilkor)2016-06-19Models glitching.
 0001667 1 Scenariosminorresolved (Clonkonaut)2016-06-18Wrong description in "Dark Castle"
 00005683   Engine - Graphicsfeatureassigned (Luchs)2016-06-16Players should have two colors
 000174711 Scenariostweakresolved (Sven2)2016-06-11Deep Sea Mining: Never ends
 000174581 Mapemajorresolved (Clonk-Karl)2016-06-06Mape not working
 000143621 Mapeminorresolved (Clonk-Karl)2016-06-05Mape not starting
 00016402   Engine - Networkcrashresolved (Luchs)2016-06-03Pre-built engine crashes due to libupnp
 00017423   Scenariosblockresolved (Marky)2016-06-01Clonkomotive does not start
 0001738    Engine - Controlsminorresolved (Zapper)2016-05-30Can't switch inventory while holding boompack
 0001741    Enginefeaturenew2016-05-28Possibility to play a sound multiple times simultaneously
 00015762   Objectsminorresolved (Marky)2016-05-22Trees reproduce into caves
 00017363   Engine - C4Scriptmajorresolved (Günther)2016-05-21Aiming gives Fx related errors
 00016551   Enginecrashresolved (Sven2)2016-05-07Crash while in the lobby
 000171772 Enginecrashresolved (Sven2)2016-05-07Memory corruption on master
 00012745   Engine - Controlsminorresolved (Luchs)2016-05-01Gamepad not working
 000038810   Engine - Controlsmajorresolved (Luchs)2016-05-01Gamepad control inoperable with splitscreen
 00017351   Objectsminorresolved (Luchs)2016-05-01add documentation/description for "global func Mod"
 00017311   Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2016-05-01Using sword causes an error
 00017302   Enginecrashresolved (Günther)2016-04-29Crash on master
 00016705   Objectsfeatureresolved (Maikel)2016-04-25Granade Luncher is quite imba, usually almost onehitkill
 00017205   Engine - Renderingminornew2016-04-21SetGraphics with GFXOV_MODE_Object takes both visibility of parent object and overlay_object into account
 000171811 Engine - GUIminorresolved (Zapper)2016-04-17Script GUI menu scrolling
 0001715    Enginefeaturenew2016-04-12Particle fade out on collision: PC_FadeOut(int time)
 00017112   Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2016-04-07Climbing with Musket not possible
 00016653   Objectsminorresolved (Clonkonaut)2016-03-28Script error in zap
 000170131 Objectsminorresolved (Clonkonaut)2016-03-28Mooq graphic needs to be turned by 90 degrees
 0001707    Engine - Controlsfeaturenew2016-03-23Customizable controls in scenarios with local control definitions
 00011507   Objectstweakresolved (Maikel)2016-03-22Acid drilling: Breaking pipes frustrating
 000170321 Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2016-03-09Wimpf is not digging free himself when covert with earth
 00017002   Enginefeaturenew2016-03-05Make loose objects semitransparent while digging
 00016974   Engine - GUIfeatureresolved (Zapper)2016-03-04Show progress bar for inventory capacity
 0001685    Enginefeaturenew2016-02-13Autocomplete for Nicknames in Chat
 00016822   Engine - Controlsmajorresolved2016-02-12Scroll whell does not work with SDL
 000167711 Engine - Controlsminorresolved (Zapper)2016-02-10Collecting Items from within the wooden cabin
 00016801   Enginetextresolved (Isilkor)2016-02-09Material value "Incindiary" is spelled wrong
 000167821 Engine - Networkminorresolved (Isilkor)2016-02-08Network crash when hosting Knüppeln.c4s.ocs
 00016761   Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2016-02-08Rotating bat corpse when under earth
 000159531 Scenariosminorresolved (Maikel)2016-02-08Tutorial 7: Pilot does nothing
 00016342   Scenariosminorresolved (Maikel)2016-02-08Tutorial 2 does not explain how to use loam
 00015992   Scenariosminorresolved (Maikel)2016-02-08Tutorial 7: Handle several interactions
 000167521 Scenariosblockresolved (Maikel)2016-02-08Tutorial 4 - no further actions possible after ore digging
 00016742   Scenariosblockresolved (Maikel)2016-02-08Tutorial 3, after finishing the sawmill, the tutorial advisor does not talk further
 00016331   Scenariosminorresolved (Maikel)2016-02-08Shown hot key for dropping items in the tutorial is confusing
 00016616   Enginecrashresolved (Isilkor)2016-02-08Builds by Clang with optimizations enabled don't work properly
 0001672    Objectsfeaturenew2016-02-07Animals (and Vehicles/larger Objects) should be rotated according to slope angle, (e.g. Animals walking up a hill)
 00013277   Engine - Controlsminorresolved (Zapper)2016-02-07Hammer activate with double click
 0001668    Objectsfeaturenew2016-02-06Bow should shoot exactly when the mouse button is released
 00010621   Enginefeaturenew2016-02-06Acoustic notification on new IRC messages
 00016532   Objectsfeatureresolved (Zapper)2016-02-04Zapnest improvements
 00016381   Engine - Graphicsminorresolved (Isilkor)2016-02-01The game stops updating/drawing when it loses focus
 00016452   Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2016-02-01Constructions can be placed in front of a complete elevator.
 0001662    Enginefeaturenew2016-02-01Move user data from FOLDERID_RoamingAppData to FOLDERID_SavedGames
 00015542   Scenariosminorresolved (Zapper)2016-01-31Guardian of the windmill: Menu opened for wrong player
 00016596   Engineminorresolved (Clonk-Karl)2016-01-30Crash when iterating through Ctrl + F7 debug modes
 00015344   Objectsfeatureresolved (Maikel)2016-01-30Elevators should show car placement on construction
 00016604   Scenariosminorresolved (Maikel)2016-01-29Aerobatics: Prevent stuck blimp
 00016144   Objectsfeaturenew2016-01-29Feature Request: Quick use controls
 00007173   Engine - Controlsfeatureassigned (Günther)2016-01-29Replace C4D_MouseSelect with MouseDrag flag
 0001647101 Enginemajorresolved (Sven2)2016-01-29Increasing saving time
 0000421    Enginefeatureresolved (Sven2)2016-01-25Being able to select teams in network for melees and parkours the non-hacky way
 00016491   Scenariosminorresolved (Sven2)2016-01-23Deep Sea Mining: Mission sometimes doesn't end?
 00015504   Scenariosfeatureresolved (Maikel)2016-01-23Parkour scenario: SkyRace
 00016462   Engine - C4Scriptminorresolved (Sven2)2016-01-23clonk->DoEnergy(30000) kills a clonk
 0001612113 Engine - GUIminorresolved (Zapper)2016-01-21Tutorial - text is cropped and scrollbar at wrong position
 0001586    Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2016-01-20Construction sites: Basement preview not stretched
 000164141 Engine - Graphicsminorresolved (Clonk-Karl)2016-01-20No working technique for material / Meshes invisible
 0001549    Objectsminorresolved (Zapper)2016-01-20No progress indication when producing items
 0001447163 Objectsmajorresolved (Maikel)2016-01-20Energy Distribution broken
 00014773   Engine - GUImajorresolved (Zapper)2016-01-20Goal display has wrong position at startup
 000144631 Objectsminorresolved (Zapper)2016-01-20You can get stuck in material while a building is build
 00015413   Objectsfeatureresolved (Zapper)2016-01-20Contents menu is broken when inside container
 0001632    Scenariostextresolved (Clonkonaut)2016-01-19Clonkomotiv Scenario: Dialogs lack german translation
 00010797   Website - Master Serverminorresolved (Sven2)2016-01-19League: Clan ranking does not work
 0001610    Objectsminorresolved (Sven2)2016-01-19script error when golden statue is destroyed in GIDL
 0001296    Scenariosfeatureresolved (Sven2)2016-01-19Treasure Hunt: nice to have
 0001605    Engine - GUItweakresolved (Zapper)2016-01-18script GUI windows: pure text windows should show a scroll bar themselves
 0001347    Engine - Graphicsfeaturenew2016-01-18Lights - Colored material lights
 000163611 Engine - Graphicsminorresolved (Clonk-Karl)2016-01-18Broken graphics after unfinished construction has been drawn since OGL3 change
 000163521 Engine - Graphicsminorresolved (Clonk-Karl)2016-01-18Broken flagpole graphics since OGL3 change
 0001623    Scenariostweakresolved (Sven2)2016-01-17Hot ice: Map generation should favor the middle of the map
 0001622    Scenariosmajorresolved (Maikel)2016-01-17Menus overlap in tutorial
 000159321 Scenariosminorresolved (Maikel)2016-01-17Tutorials: NPC and guide dialogues overlap
 00015971   Scenariosminorresolved (Maikel)2016-01-17Tutorial 4: Talking to village elder broken
 00015961   Scenariosminorresolved (Maikel)2016-01-17Tutorial 3: Talking to the lumberjack
 00016173   Scenariosminorresolved (Maikel)2016-01-17Tutorial 3: Construction site can be cancelled
 000162411 Objectsminorresolved (Sven2)2016-01-17Grafitti line through the map
 00016261   Scenariosminorresolved (Sven2)2016-01-17Mouse position sometimes off while using pickaxe and shovel in multiplayer
 00016012   Enginefeatureresolved (Sven2)2016-01-17Make editor main window and property windows resizable under Windows
 0001620    Engine - Networkfeaturenew2016-01-16Ignore command: Would be cool if you coould filter sound and text
 00016151   Scenariosmajorresolved (Sven2)2016-01-16Crash Landing Mission - plane falls into lava after intro
  00000903   Enginefeaturenew2015-12-11Being able to include System.c4g scripts into object scripts and System.c4g subfolders
 00014082   Engine - Renderingfeaturenew2015-10-27Viewport object
 00006756   Engine - GUIfeatureacknowledged2015-10-13Text Formation in the Game Menues
 00014012   Enginefeatureacknowledged2015-10-13Viewport focused hard on clonk
 00001531   Enginefeatureacknowledged2015-09-30Explosions rework
 00012571   Mapefeatureassigned (Clonk-Karl)2015-09-19Mape: Cancel rendering stuck in endless loop
 0001350    Enginefeaturenew2015-07-05Object physics - Ragdolls
 0001349    Enginefeaturenew2015-07-05Object physics - Vector properties
 00012993   Enginefeaturenew2015-04-03Settlement league games: Prevent full map view
 00012831   Engine - Controlsfeatureconfirmed2015-03-12Cannot assign mouse keys to controls
 00011961   Engine - C4Scriptfeaturenew2014-12-28Assign values to local variables using functions
 0001188    Enginefeaturenew2014-12-15Open log file if initialization fails or crashes during startup
 0001184    Enginefeaturenew2014-12-07Attached meshes and animations with AM_MatchSkeleton
 00001525   Enginefeaturenew2014-05-07Consistent naming for Player*, Object* functions
 0001069    Engine - C4Scriptfeaturenew2014-04-22Convert some player properties to team properties
 00010681   Engine - C4Scriptfeaturenew2014-04-22Player and Team proplists
 0001018    Website - Automated Buildsfeaturenew2014-01-27Automated Release: create source package alongside architecture builds
 0001006    Engine - GUIfeaturenew2013-12-29markable text in menus
 000086831 Documentationfeatureacknowledged2013-11-07openclonk manual page
 0000794    Enginefeatureacknowledged2012-10-21SolidMasks that are solid depending on the direction they're beeing approached
 0000789    Enginefeaturenew2012-06-06Automatically open an editor with the Clonk.log on failure
 0000718    Objectsfeatureassigned (Günther)2012-02-23Replace all Action name checks with action property checks
 00006471   Enginefeaturenew2012-02-02Sounds in Extra.ocg are not loaded
 00006703   Enginefeaturenew2011-10-04[Feature] Allow TopOpen=2 to extend Visible Sky
 0000565    Enginefeatureassigned (Günther)2011-01-14Editor: Objectlist should scroll viewport to selected object
 0000342    Engine - Renderingfeatureassigned (Clonk-Karl)2010-07-21TopFaces for meshes