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2017-10-18 13:02 CEST

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0001945    Engine - Networkfeaturenew2017-10-14Post-game lobby
  000194421 Engine - Controlsmajorconfirmed2017-10-05Controls - Backspace and Escape are saved as $0 on exit
  00019432   Scenariosminornew2017-09-24Boomshire: Goal not implemented correctly
  0001941    Enginefeaturenew2017-09-17Show error when attempting to load an old savegame
  00017905   Objectsminornew2017-09-12Getting stuck in the elevator case
  00019402   Objectsminorresolved2017-09-05Coconuts cannot be eaten
  000172321 Engine - Networkmajoracknowledged2017-09-03Network Sync Loss in replays
  000180711 Objectsminornew2017-09-02Airplane gets stuck on top when hitting solid material in Boomshire
  0001939    Scenariosfeaturenew2017-08-29Diving helmet in Deep Sea Mining
  00008355   Engine - GUIfeaturenew2017-08-26Standart font size needs to be bigger
  000169510   Engine - GUIfeaturenew2017-08-26Automatically detect monitor DPI and set default text size accordingly
  0001938    Engineminornew2017-08-25Editor shuts down when pressing Ctrl + W
  00019361   Objectsminornew2017-08-23Hideout/PyreGem: Possible null pointer error
  0001937 1 Enginecrashnew2017-08-23Editor crashes because of a dbus error
  000181021 Scenariosminorfeedback2017-08-20Skylands: Make wood platforms pass through
  00016981   Objectsfeaturenew2017-08-20New rule: population control
  00009743   Engine - Networkminornew2017-08-20Network security: C4Control* doesn't check player affiliation
  0001453    Engineminornew2017-08-20During lag in network games the music stops
  00014581   Engine - Renderingminornew2017-08-20SetGraphics - GFXOV_MODE_Object does not superimpose all overlays
  00015385   Engine - Renderingminornew2017-08-20SetGraphics(nil, Definition) does not work as expected with sprite graphics
  00015134   Engineminornew2017-08-20Localization priority not as expected
  00018042   Enginecrashnew2017-08-20Scenario description causes crash
  0001673    Objectsminornew2017-08-20Animations of Puka seem to be very slow
  0001686    Documentationminornew2017-08-20Links on "Player controls" page do not work
  0001705    Engine - C4Scriptminornew2017-08-20Automatic type conversion bool -> int in function parameters
  00017122   Objectsminornew2017-08-20Cloud: Supports only hardcoded materials
  00017192   Engine - Controlsminornew2017-08-20Stuck when falling in water
  00017341   Engine - C4Scriptminornew2017-08-20Trailing comma in array literals results in nil
  00017432   Documentationmajornew2017-08-20Documentation for GetComponent is outdated
  0001762    Enginetweaknew2017-08-20Music switch is annoying if you only walk past a few pixel of tunnel
  0001516    Engine - GUIminornew2017-08-20Player uses item although ingame Network Window is opened and focussed
  00017672   Engine - Controlsminornew2017-08-20Rotating objects is not working like it was intended
  00017691   Engine - GUIminornew2017-08-20Not beeing able to close unwanted menus quickly
  0001746 1 Engine - GUItweaknew2017-08-20GUI Scrollbar only visible on last subitem
  0001777    Engine - C4Scriptminornew2017-08-20The array returned by GetProperties contains a property multiple times if it's defined in the proplist and it's prototype
  00017791   Engine - GUIminornew2017-08-20"Pings" tab in /chart is empty
  00017846   Engineminornew2017-08-20reproducer change: sound-loss
  00017951   Enginemajornew2017-08-20SDL_Mixer: Re-enabling music does not work
  0001799    Website - Master Serverminornew2017-08-20League / Team section: URIs of the team websites are wrong
  0001802    Engineminornew2017-08-20Local Sound.ocg will not replace default sounds
  000183341 Engineblocknew2017-08-20openclonk-server cannot open System.ocg
  0001836    Engine - C4Scriptminornew2017-08-20Inconsistent function binding in proplists
  0001856    Engine - Renderingtweaknew2017-08-20SetGamma does not reset after round
  00018781   Engineminornew2017-08-20Sequence trigger "All goals fulfilled"
  0001883    Engine - GUIminornew2017-08-20Frontend main menu: Hover effects rests when using the arrow keys while pressing enter
  0001915    Objectsminornew2017-08-20Pickaxe gets invisible
  00019201   Documentationblocknew2017-08-20Doumentation for EditorProps insufficient
  00019302   Objectsmajornew2017-08-20Object interaction not possible inside a container (especially not with the container)
  00019312   Objectsminornew2017-08-20Interaction GUI does not update if the interaction object does not change
  00017271   Engineminornew2017-08-20Full-map screenshots turn out oddly