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2017-03-24 21:02 CET

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00016642   Enginecrashresolved (Luchs)2017-03-21Crash when resizing an editor viewport
  000190111 Objectsmajornew2017-03-21Clonk stuck in endless tumbling animation
  00016637   Objectsminorassigned (Maikel)2017-03-16Improvements to airplane
  00018951   Engine - C4Scriptcrashresolved (Isilkor)2017-03-15Crash on wrong parameter count
  0001899    Objectsminorassigned (Sven2)2017-03-11script error in enemy spawn
  00018982   Engineminorresolved (Sven2)2017-03-11Enforce scenario template definitions
  00018972   Engine - Networkminorresolved (Luchs)2017-03-10crash on connecting in network game
  00018962   Objectsfeatureresolved (Marky)2017-03-06ObjectInterationMenu: Callback target for entries_callback
  00018941   Engine - Networkmajorresolved (Luchs)2017-02-26Initial connection may time out if the host has lots of link-local addresses
  00018936   Enginecrashresolved (Sven2)2017-02-25Crash on Windows since Autobuild 2083
  00018921   Enginetextresolved (Isilkor)2017-02-19mingw's vasprintf doesn't support positionals
  000189122 Engine - C4Scriptcrashresolved (Isilkor)2017-02-16NULL dereference when warning is emitted in eval()
  0001890    Engine - Graphicsminornew2017-02-08Show error dialog if sufficient OpenGL version is not available
  000188531 Engine - Networkminorresolved (Maikel)2017-02-03Allowing script players to join in network rounds.
  00018881   Scenariostextnew2017-01-25IRC feedback for tutorial # 3
  0001889    Objectstweaknew2017-01-24Visual feedback when using loam
  0001887    Scenariostextnew2017-01-24IRC feedback for tutorial #2
  000188651 Engine - Networkmajorresolved (Luchs)2017-01-22Error in network lobby, no link-local adress available
  0001879121 Objectsmajorresolved (Sven2)2017-01-19Golden Mountain: Pump doesn't pump lava
  000186572 Objectsminorconfirmed2017-01-17Pumps not pumping anymore
  00018841   Engineminorassigned (Sven2)2017-01-15Editor action buttons are duplicate (for writable properties) and don't update
  00018733   Objectsminorresolved (Marky)2017-01-13Weapons, such as the bow, can be used during dialogues
  00015322   Documentationminorconfirmed2017-01-12Wrong function names: *HomebaseMaterial
  0001883    Engine - GUIminornew2017-01-06Frontend main menu: Hover effects rests when using the arrow keys while pressing enter
  00018821   Objectsminornew2017-01-06Grab sound tunnel echo
  0001880    Objectsmajornew2017-01-04Partially burned down buildings cannot be repaired
  000160731 Objectsminorfeedback (Clonkonaut)2017-01-04Plants can still grow too crowded
  00017543   Scenariosminorresolved (Clonkonaut)2017-01-03Crash Landing: Mission got stuck by crushing the plane
  0001881    Objectsminornew2017-01-02Cloud fancy PXS effect issues
  0001878    Engineminornew2016-12-30Sequence trigger "All goals fulfilled"
  00010972   Objectsfeatureresolved (Clonkonaut)2016-12-30Make plane land on water
  00018771   Engine - GUIminornew2016-12-29Menu Tooltip not always shown
  0001876 1 Engine - GUIminornew2016-12-29Images for team selection in single player mode are broken for meshes
  000187531 Enginecrashresolved (Isilkor)2016-12-28Crash on Windows XP
  00018712   Objectsminornew2016-12-26Improvements to liquid system
  0001874    Objectsminornew2016-12-26C4Script error in interaction menu (pretty random)
  000171081 Objectsminorresolved (Marky)2016-12-25Scaling with wrong animation
  00018154   Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2016-12-25don't require source pipe to pump air to helmet
  0001872    Engine - Networkfeaturenew2016-12-22Make Material.ocg saveable
  00016135   Engine - Controlsminornew2016-12-21Arrows become invisible when the bow is destroyed
  00015017   Engine - C4Scriptfeatureresolved (Maikel)2016-12-21Check for unused sounds automatically
  00016691   Objectsfeatureresolved (Maikel)2016-12-21WallKit antistuck
  00017163   Objectsmajorresolved (Maikel)2016-12-21stucking in metal bridges sucks.
  00016834   Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2016-12-21Multiple goals are not displayed correctly
  00018702   Engineminorconfirmed2016-12-20SetObjDrawTransform causes unintended distortion on certain objects
  000157212   Objectsfeatureresolved (Maikel)2016-12-19Feature: Concrete item
  000186931 Engineminorresolved (Luchs)2016-12-19Network host log spam: OnPacket
  00018681   Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2016-12-18Script error on incinerated compensator
  00018673   Engine - GUIminorresolved (Clonkonaut)2016-12-18It is not possible to transfer earth inside a bucket from Clonk to foundry
  00018511   Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2016-12-16Wind generator: GetPowerNetwork() either not called from definition context or no object specified..