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2017-12-11 17:50 CET

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0001944OpenClonkEngine - Controlspublic2017-10-05 22:58
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Platformx64OSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version7.0 
Target Version8.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0001944: Controls - Backspace and Escape are saved as $0 on exit
DescriptionWhen you use Backspace or Escape as controls, they function normally for the duration of the session. However, upon exiting and relaunching the game, they're replaced with "$0".
Steps To Reproduce1. Open the game
2. Go to the Controls menu
3. Set any action to the backspace or escape keys
4. Exit the game
5. Open the game
6. Go to the Controls menu
- Note the action you previously set to backspace or Escape now says $0
Additional InformationI use an ergonomic keyboard ( a kinesis advantage 2 ) in order to mitigate the effects of repetitive stress injuries. The downside is that most standard control schemes make use of space, which is under the right thumb on this keyboard. Backspace is under the left thumb, so the typical solution is to rebind anything that uses space to use backspace instead.
Tags$0, $0 keyboard settings
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Zapper (developer)

Reminder sent to: Sven2

Thanks for reporting!

Sven, any idea? Likely the saving?


Luchs (developer)

I can reproduce this. The assignment is saved as 'Key=$e' in the configuration which is shown as '\x0' here in the configuration menu (Linux). There's also a log entry "WARNING: Control Interact of set WASD_Hotkeys_IntQueue_MouseCon_ contains undefined key "$e"."

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