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2017-12-11 17:57 CET

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0001941OpenClonkEnginepublic2017-12-05 17:05
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Summary0001941: Show error when attempting to load an old savegame
DescriptionWe have tons of script changes since 7.0, which is why savegames from 7.0 don't work at all in 8.0. Instead of confusing players why inventory switching and throwing items doesn't work, show an error dialog when trying to load a savegame from 7.0 (or earlier).

In IRC, Sven proposed:

18:31 <Sven2> Savegames store a lot of internal stuff. If you updated clonk in the meantime, many things tend to break
18:32 <Sven2> I think we should revert to a second, slightly expanded save-as-scenario mode for savegames between major versions

- which may work for some scenarios. If we end up implementing that, the error dialog should have a "continue anyways" button.
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Caesar (developer)

Dunno about Sven's idea. It sounds like it would just shift the reasons for breakage elsewhere. But yeah, at least adding a warning dialogue may be a good idea.

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