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2017-04-23 13:51 CEST

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0001906OpenClonkObjectspublic2017-04-18 16:04
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Summary0001906: Last man standing keeps creating new Rule_Relaunch objects
DescriptionIf you place the Last man standing rule in your scenario, it will also create Rule_Relaunch if it didnt exist already. But if you save the scenario and load it again, it will create a new one so after a few sessions you have like 10 Rule_Relaunchs in your Objects.c which makes it impossible to edit the settings of the relaunch rule since the new one is one that seems to have impact on the game.
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return FindObject(Find_ID(Rule_Relaunch)) || CreateObject(Rule_Relaunch);
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Fulgen (reporter)

The LastManStanding rule itself only creates Rule_Relaunch if it isn't present and the player wins a relaunch by killing other players. But even then the condition to create the rule shouldn't fail...

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