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2017-04-23 13:51 CEST

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0001902OpenClonkEnginepublic2017-04-05 03:00
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS VersionWindows 7
Product Version7.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0001902: Game has massive lag and crashes on save
DescriptionUsing the standard build from the website download page, win x64

After a playing a while on the 'clankomotive' map, (also happened on another one, I think iron peak), the game starts to have periodic low frame rate, corresponding to the rumbling events on the map.
During these lag spikes the message "Could not update game, Request timeout" appears repeatedly.
Attempting to save this game caused the client to crash. The save game was not saved and the game could not be recovered.

Steps To ReproduceThis has happened to me twice and both times under very different circumstances. A reliable reproduction is therefore not available.

So far it seems that simply playing for a long time on the affected maps could reproduce the issue.
Additional InformationI was hosting a multplayer game rather than playing a singleplayer game, as I had forgotten the player selection button on the main menu and the single player games were telling me I did not have any players selected. I believe this happened because I had an old user folder from a previous version so the player was present but not selected. I am not sure what the default behaviour is.

The fact that this was a multplayer server may be part of the cause of this issue.

In addition my hard disk is getting a bit old and causes freezes in some games, this may also be a contributing factor.
Tagscrash, framerate, windows 7
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Caesar (developer)

The rumbles are earthquakes. Part of their effect is to convert solid material into free pixels, for which physics has to be simulated. This is a notoriously expensive thing. I'd be interested in what kind of hardware you have (especially CPU and RAM) that this tends to happen.

Warnings like "Could not update game, Request timeout" can essentially be ignored, maybe unless you're in the lobby and waiting for participants.
If you had no clients, it shouldn't really matter whether you're in network game mode or in single player.

OC should not be doing any disk IO during a running game, so unless you've got too little RAM and your machine starts swapping, your disk should not be an issue.

About the savegame thing… phew.


Sven2 (developer)

If it continuously gets slower, then that's probably a bug with some objects leaking. We did have a bug with leaking PXS related to pumps which is fixed in OC 8.0.

We also fixed some savegame bugs for 8.0.

@Duncan: Could you test if the bugs still occur in the 8.0 snapshot? Available here:

As a bonus, this version also has an editor :-)


Duncan (reporter)

It does not continuously get slower in a way that would suggest a leak. It has periods of extreme slowness lasting around 10 seconds. The game recovers after these and returns to a normal seeming framerate.

I can test the 8.0 snapshot but due to the reproduction of this issue not being certain the results will not be reliable.


Maikel (developer)

Please let us know when it appears on the latest snapshot. Then a record would be good to see what happens, Or make a screenshot of the full map with Ctrl + F9 or typing /screenshot in the chat. Maybe something is going on.

Also you can do Ctrl + F5 and write /script StartScriptProfiler() and /script StopScriptProfiler() after some time to see if the scripts are lagging. The output of that should be in the log file.

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